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= Here's a brief message from the idiots that don't know how to edit wiki pages=
In case you're thinking about looking this stupid, please don't waste your time with it.  It really is more valuable than that.  These jokers are basically saying they hacked a page that anybody can edit, and I suppose they expect someone to recognize the difficulty of the task and therefore the superior skills of the hackers that edited a page anybody can edit.  I bet they celebrate every time they pee.  --[[User:Lucifer|Lucifer]] 08:23, 24 December 2007 (PST)
<title>Hacked By SessizCrew # RnsGroup.Org</title>
<body bgcolor=black>
<center><font color=darkgray Size=7 face=Tahoma><font color=red>H</font>4CK3<font color=red>D</font></font><center>
<font color=red face=Tahoma>---------------------------------</font><center>
<font color=white face=Tahoma>SessizCrew  WaS Here !</font><center>
<font color=red face=Tahoma>---------------------------------</font><center>
<center><font color=red face=Tahoma>ßen ßir Günde KraL oLmadım ßir Günde de Tahttan İnmem [ ! ] </font><font color=white face=Tahoma> <br><br></font>
<center><font color=red face=Tahoma>System 0wnz !</font><font color=white face=Tahoma><br><br></font>
<center><font color=red face=Tahoma>Greetz : </font><font color=white face=Tahoma>GencNesiL  ~ 0ssi3  ~ DeLiBeYaZ ~ Fuzbing ~ piyanisT ~ UnKnowN ~ Giuly ~ TaKeDowN ~ VoLqaN ~ Zorbey <br><br></font>
<center><font color=white face=Tahoma>wWw.RnsGroup.OrG</font><center>
<center><font color=red face=Tahoma>MaiL : / SessizCrew@CyberProtest.Net<br><br><font color=white></font></font><center>

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