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We will play at the THE SPOON to defeat Team somethingsomething. Where all others have failed, we will prevail. The Team name can be changed by a majority vote. I chose 8th_Team [8T] because we're the 8th team. We'll have a lot of fun! Do or do not, there is no try! and of course May the force be with you.

We will automatically be the weakest team, because we did not play any placement match. So we have to play against Team somethingsomething first.

See here for the playoff results and matches: Playoffs (The Spoon)


14.05.2006 Friendship match vs. Team MBC

We will fight Team MBC 14.05.2006 20:00 GMT. See Dates below. Be there 15-30min earlier. Current Players: Talk:8th Team


I can't schedule training everyday (takes to much time), so please try to find 8th team players and organise training at will! Write an email and/or contact other players if they are available.

  • Saturday 13.05.2006 18:00-21:00 GMT Possible Match vs. MBC
  • Sunday 14.05.2006 20:00 GMT Match vs. MBC be on 'CVS Spoon Fortress' 15-30min earlier. Current Players: Talk:8th Team
  • Try to train on CVS Fortress and/or CVS Sumo

Convert the date to your timezone and be on "Z-Man's Spoon Fortress" at 19:30 GMT: http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc



  • joda.bot (Organisation as it seems)
  • ~*SP*~om3ga
  • ~*SP*~Xell
  • D3mon
  • emlock
  • Grr
  • junglehungry
  • junglist
  • Leeroy
  • sasha
  • sunnygirl
  • whatup
  • woorm.bot

Prefered Times

Prefered hours for playing Armagetron. Convert all times to GMT please, use the Timezone Converter.

  • joda.bot 17:00-22:00 GMT (weekdays), 17:00-24:00 GMT (weekends)
  • ~*SP*~om3ga 03:00-22 GMT (weekdays) 05:00-23:00GMT (weekends)
  • ~*SP*~Xell 18-00-22:00 GMT (weekdays)16:00-21:00 (weekends)
  • D3mon
  • emlock
  • Grrr 17:00-22:00 GMT
  • junglehungry 17:00-00:00 GMT
  • junglist weekends from 15:00 GMT
  • Leeroy
  • sasha 18:00 - 23:00 GMT
  • sunnygirl 12:00-17:00 GMT (weekdays), 21:15-23:00 GMT (weekends), 25.04.2006 12:00-19:15 GMT
  • whatup weekdays 22:00-24:00 (weekdays, usually [sometimes not]), weekends (only sunday) 9:00-2:00
  • woorm.bot Mo, We, Th 18:00 - 23:00; Tu, Fr 21:00-13:00; Weekends 16:00-24:00,


  • joda.bot: 24:00-06:00 GMT. Weekdays: 06:00-16:00 GMT, 24.04.2006
  • junglehungry: Tuesdays 19:00-22:30 GMT; Wednesday 26th 17:00-19:00; Thursdays 20:00-23:30
  • omega: Tuesdays i do voluntary work
  • ~*SP*~Xell Tu 18:00-21:00 GMT, Th 18:00-22:00, Sun 20:00-00:00
  • junglist until 15.05.2006


  • Anyone who still wants to play the spoon :) (just add ur name to the list)
  • Zop!
  • GPs (Alien and other regular fortress players)
  • SP (especially regular fortress players)



It's good to have more than the minimum required 5-8 players. (Also some players might not be able to play once the date is set.) We'll try to give everybody a chance to play, especially if we win against Team somethingsomething. The other teams are probably easier if we get past Team somethingsomething.

Use the Talk:8th Team for discussion or contact User:joda.

Match History

PLAYOFF MATCH 26.04.2006 20:00 GMT 8T vs. ?? ... lost 3:0 but fought quite well in the second round with 8:7 players for us. Sadly some players could not play all the time.

Visitors' Voice

from 2020, Anarchic Wanderers
Well done Joda for setting this page up, forming the team, and being brave enough to start all this. And well done team for setting up and trying to go against ??. Hope you had fun, and I look forward to playing against you guys as a team sometime in the future.