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Yes, you have reached the page of Team somethingsomething, created by the mostly ambitious Lackadaisical. Basically this is a team to compete in THE SPOON, and below is a list with the people who are in it. I think its full now because already have 8 people signed up here and I already asked some people who weren't really sure if they could compete. That means that if we face off against a team with less players not everyone might be able to play. I hope everyone is good with that; I'll try to make sure everyone gets around the same playing time.


The 9th Ladle

Three months after the last ladle experience it was time for a rentré, thus we signed up with Pez, pavelo, MaZuffeR, newbie, nemostultae and Lackadaisical. The start in the first round was rough, but in the end we managed to cope better with the large amount of lag and were able to beat ¦x¦ with 2-1. In the semi-finals we played against TuI, who had a playeracount advantage (8-6) vs our lag advantage (they had far more americans on their team). After a hardfought battle with spectators from around the world we secured our spot in the finals where we would face ~*SP*~. This last game became a battle of stamina, as players on both sides were facing fatigue after playing intesively for over 4 hours. In the fourth match, we were able to wrap it up and win the ninth ladle with a 3-1 victory.

The 6th Ladle

Team somethingsomething made a comeback and took part in the 6th Ladle. After winning 2-0 against Tronic_Monkeys in the semifinal we were up against TuI in the finals. After four very good matches we won the finals 3-1.

End of the Spoon

I guess it would be good to make a last newspost and make the team somethingsomething story complete so this page can go to the archives.

So.. well, we made it to the finals by beating the Crazy Tronners in a very nice match where we were two players short. Unfortunatly the teams who were meant to play the other semi final (MBC and the Anarchic Wanderers) weren't able to organize a match and interest in the spoon started to fade after two weeks of non-activity. Right now it says on the wiki frontpage that we have deemed to won because of something or whatever, but like all decisions made in this competition it was probably deemed by two people and the rest was to lazy/uninterested to react to it ;).

I deem this decision pretty cool ofcourse, but I think it would be more just to say that we were one of the three could-be winners of the spoon. Maybe a bit could-be'er than the other two teams, but not much more.

Semi Finals

Comming up match is the semi final against the crazy tronners. Right now this match is planned monday the 15th of may at 2100 GMT, and we are going to play at the CT spoon server. One of the main pre's for playing here instead of at zmans is because -ct-ed can close the server for other people so we don't need to keep on kicking everyone.

The Playoffs

Getting through the seed rounds undefeated and with only one match not played (against fe, the team that only played one match where none of them showed up) we got the #1 seed. Which means we will start playing against the team who did the worst in the seed round. Since there were only 7 teams participating in the seed round (incl. fe). Joda thought it would be a nice idea to leave our team and try to create 8th Team. Since they didn't participate in the seed round at all we will be facing them in the Quarter Finals. I guess i'll send you all an email when the match has been arranged. The match is monday the 24th of April at 1800 GMT saturday the 29th of April at 2000 GMT wednesday the 26th of April at 2000 GMT

The playoff page with brackets can be found here.

In other news, click sent me an email to tell he was going to take a break from armagetron. Together with joda's departure this brings our team back to exactly 8 people.


Ok, we won the first two matchs against AW and CT. Organizing the rest is a bit tricky, it looks like we can only get a game up with MBC at 12am BST (or 11pm GMT) on the night of the 12th to 13th of April. Because I've only got a few replies on my question if anyone could play at that time during weekdays, and time was ticking I scheduled it so we could be sure of four people (me click egg maz). We need to have five, so if you are able to play please put it on the talk pages or tell me or something.

First Official Match

Our first official match in the seed round will be played against the Anarchic wanderers wednesday on the 5th of April, at 2100 GMT. I'm going to be at zmans spoon server at 20.45, I hope to see you all there (or sooner on irc) to do some pre-match discussion.

The match after this will probably be against the Crazy Tronners on friday the 7th of april at 20.30 GMT, not sure though.

Practice Session

Ok i have organised a practice session with Knights of Ni, on Saturday 00.00 24.00 GMT, This is the night of saturday on sunday. The plan right now is to meet up at the #armagetronteams irc channel on freenode, if you are completely unable to go there you could go to zmans spoon server. The IRC channel is prefered though. We will probably be playing at lucifers server because i'd like you all to learn how to cope with lag. An email has been sent.



  • Lackadaisical (If told beforehand enough i can pretty much play anytime in the weekends)
  • MaZuffeR
  • Pez (if you need another player count me in. can play most times with a bit of warning)
  • nemostultae
  • Gnorty
  • click
  • Pavelo (times vary, but mostly in the evening and on weekends (GMT+1) )
  • newbie
  • eggcozy (my weekend on april 15-16 will be busy, I have a guest in town, but I should be able to play if the time is right)

6th Ladle

  • MaZuffeR
  • Pez
  • pavelo
  • eggcozy
  • nemostultae
  • newbie

9th Ladle

  • newbie
  • nemostultae
  • pavelo
  • Pez
  • MaZuffeR
  • Lackadaisical


15-16 April (available in the evening of the 16th)
15-16 April (available in the evening of the 16th)
13-17 April (available in the evening of the 17th)
14-17 April



Type Against Date & Time Result Recording
Scrimmage Knights of Ni 1 April 00.00 GMT win N/A
Seed Round Anarchic wanderers 5 April 21.00 GMT win
Seed Round Crazy Tronners 7 April 20.30 GMT win N/A
Seed Round MBC 12 April 23.00 GMT win N/A
Seed Round Lobster Mafia 15 April 20.00 GMT win N/A
Seed Round Knights of Ni 16 April 20.00 GMT win N/A
Playoffs 8th Team 26 April 20.00 GMT win N/A
Playoffs Crazy Tronners 15 May 21.00 GMT win N/A

The result of all the seed games can be found here.

6th Ladle

Type Against Result Recording
Semifinal Tronic_Monkeys win (2-0) here
Final TuI win (3-1) here and here


I'm not really sure how we could keep everyone updated about this, but i guess we could use the Talk page for some discussion: Talk:Team_somethingsomething. I'll probably send an email too.