Tronic Monkeys

From Armagetron

We are the Tronic Monkeys, and we take our play seriously™.

We are the current holders of the Tronic Ladle, having won the Fifth Tronic Ladle on Sunday 5th November.

We are a fortress-team formed to play in the Fourth Tronic Ladle on the 1st October 2006, part of some mad-capped plan to take over the world with Tronic.

The members of anarchic wanderers split up to form new teams. One of those teams is Tronic Monkeys, which hopes to field a team with a mix of experience: some players experienced in Fortress, others who have experience of solo servers, and players new to the game. Once a competition has been played in, players are then capable of starting their own teams...

If we don't have enough players to field a team, tough™.

we are

Love this game. This is as good as it gets. Classic design. Standard Fortress Settings were designed by God™ and inserted into the mind of Z-man™ and the hearts of his inspired team of developers. I am happy to play my part. When I am playing in my team, I am one™, otherwise known as 2020.
Check out tron play_er for a tron game, and we monkeys! for fun.

record of games

v SP (speeders)
2020, madmax, Legit, joda, G5, z-man, wrtlprnft
lost 1-2 in the 9th tronic ladle quarters; very close games
v TuI (tronners under the influence)
one, legit, wrtlprnft, ashitaka... (forgotten, will find out soon:)
lost 0-2 in the 7th tronic ladle semi's, again mixed up team-organisation
v ?? (something something)
one, legit, wrtlprnft, sticky, canada, hyph lepard, kamakazi
lost 0-2 in the semi's of 6th tronic ladle, mixed up team-organisation
v WS (Wraith Squadron)
one, legit, joda, zop, wrtlprnft, sasha, omega, kenny
won 3-2 in the fifth tronic ladle final!
v TuI (Tronners under the Influence)
one, rain, legit, joda, zop, redice
won 2-1 in the fifth tronic ladle semifinal
v wpn
wrtlprnft, ghableska, garisimo, skunkit, one™, eggcozy, help im a bug
lost 0-2, players subbing on and off, no practice, beaten by the better team...