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The Third FTCM (Fast Track Cage Match) will be played on Saturday, June 23rd, 2012.
  • Discussion for FTCM is taking place here.
  • Server config files are located here.
  • Please read all Rules before joining the tournament.
  • Signup on the Challenge Board.

Fast Track Cage Match

Fast Track Cage Match (FTCM) is a one-on-one elimination tournament held in small circular arenas with Fast Track physics. Fast Track means high speed, extremely high acceleration on enemy lines, and very high rubber. This results in gameplay that is very different from a typical "high rubber" match. It tests the ability to manage speed in very small areas. Double-binding is needed to make maximum use of space.

A Note on Clients

Clients newer than 0.3 are not recommended for Fast Track play. These clients have a tendency to time out.