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The Third FTCM (Fast Track Cage Match) will be played on Saturday, June 23rd, 2012.
  • Discussion for FTCM is taking place here.
  • Server config files are located here.
  • Please read all Rules before joining the tournament.
  • Signup on the Challenge Board.

Rules for Players

  1. The tournament rounds are played as a single match - first to 10 points (not best of 3).
  2. If a player is not in the designated server by 5 minutes after the scheduled start time, then the player forfeits the match. The only exception is if a match runs long - a player will be given 10 minutes between matches.
  3. All chatkills, instas, and lagouts count as points.
  4. Disconnects are more common in this game style, so some leniency is given on disconnects. If a player is disconnected from the match and the player returns within five minutes, the match will resume on reconnect. The score prior to the disconnect will carry over, and the non-disconnecting player is awarded one extra point. Players are given rights to the "slap" command to reset the scores in this unique circumstance. If the player has a second disconnection, then the player forfeits the match. If the server fails, then the match resumes at the score prior to the failure.
  5. Clients 0.3 or newer are highly discouraged, as they have a tendency to time out in Fast Track servers.
  6. All types of play are allowed including camping and stabbing/digging.

Rules for Server Owners

  1. Use only the official FTCM settings and no other.
  2. Make sure your server is up to date with the final version of the FTCM settings.
  3. Please run the FTCM settings from default server configurations in order to make sure everything is unchanged. Also make sure you have no settings in your everytime.cfg or autoexec.cfg that would otherwise change the settings.
  4. Do not authorise or give anyone other than Global Moderators an access level of Moderator (2). Please also ensure players have the correct access level.
  5. Do not use customized language strings on your server.
  6. Please limit the number of messages to promote or advertise your own site/server. One message in the ROUND_CONSOLE_MESSAGE should be enough. MESSAGE_OF_DAY is reserved for use by the configuration file.