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The Fifth Fork will be played on Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 and Sunday, August 23rd, 2015.
  • Discussion for Fork is taking place here.
  • Please read all Rules before the tournament begins.
  • Sign ups are currently open here and last through May 17th.


Fork is an unlimited player one-on-one elimination tournament held in small circular arenas with Fasttrack physics. Fasttrack means high speed, low turn delay, extremely high acceleration on enemy lines, and very high rubber. This results in game play that is very different from a typical "high rubber" match. It tests the ability to manage speed in very small areas. Double, and often triple, binding is essential to competing in this environment.

Fork is held 4 times a year, with a 3 month gap in between competitions.


The main purpose of this tournament is to progress Fasttrack in the Armagetron community. It provides a chance for Fasttrack players to compete and show off their skills in a game type that lacks any kind of organized competition. It also serves as a build up to a much larger and more sophisticated Fasttrack 1v1 tournament that will be announced within the year, where there will be unlimited entries, and prizes will be awarded to the top performers.


  • Unlimited player tournament
  • Scheduled match times
  • Servers running unique 1v1 script


All of the scheduled matches for the tournament will be held in one of the >>> FASTTRACK ULTIMATE 1V1 <<< servers. These are Fasttrack 1v1 servers that record every official match played in them, including the competitors names, cycle color, points earned by each competitor, and the time of every round. Scheduled players will have to sign in to a valid global ID for the server to allow an official match to be played. Every match of the tournament must be an official match. An official match can be started by /challenge(ing) the other competitor's global ID and /accept(ing) the challenge.


If you have a question about the rules or the results from the tournament, you can send an email to for answers.


  Opening Round (SAT 7:00 EDT) Second Round (SAT 7:45 EDT) Sweet Sixteen (SUN 7:00 EDT) Elite Eight (SUN 8:00 EDT) Final Four (SUN 9:00 EDT) Championship (SUN 9:30 EDT)
  Server 1  scvalt@forums X  
  7:45  flips@aagid X  
  Server 2  Inc3nsi0n@forums 6
  7:45  Radiuks@forums 10  
  Server 1  Radiuks@forums 2  
  8:00  Malachi@forums 10  
  Server 1  Akali@forums X
  8:00  Malachi@forums X  
  Server 1  Malachi@forums X
  7:00  Torn@forums X  
  Server 2  Jon9194@aagid X
  8:00  Torn@forums X  
Server 1  Malachi@forums 10  
9:00  Durf@forums 1  
  Server 1 X  
  8:15  fizz@forums X  
  Server 2  fizz@forums X  
  7:00  pipa@forums X  
Server 1  EBIAgent@aagid X  
7:00  pipa@forums X  
  Server 2  pipa@forums X
  8:15  Loubob@forums X  
  Server 2  
  8:00  Durf@forums  
  Server 1  jas0n@forums X
  8:30  vovh@x X  
  Server 1  vovh@x 7
  7:20  Durf@forums 10  
  Server 2  corenk1054@aagid X
  8:30  Durf@forums X  
Server 1  Malachi@forums 2
9:30  D33P@forums 10
  Server 1  johnny.nbk.@forums X  
  8:45  Toast@forums X  
  Server 2  Toast@forums X  
  7:20  Ramos@forums X  
Server 2  1Acidog@aagid X  
7:00  Corie@aagid X  
  Server 2  Ramos@forums X
  8:45  companylaser@forums X  
  Server 1  Toast@forums 4  
  8:30  CreepFace@lt 10  
  Server 1  MoeDusty@aagid X
  9:00  face@aagid X  
  Server 2  w1ndy@vertrex X
  9:00  CreepFace@lt X  
Server 1  lynx@forums 2
7:15  CreepFace@lt 10  
Server 2  CreepFace@lt 6
9:00  D33P@forums 10  
  Server 1  Cero@forums X  
  9:15  D33P@forums X  
Server 2  D33P@forums X
7:15  Promethiua@forums X  
  Server 1  D33P@forums X  
  7:40  Vezorious@aagid X  
  Server 2  Vezorious@aagid
Server 1  Akillian@forums X
7:30  XX@aagid X  
  Server 2  D33P@forums 10
  8:30  yukino@x 1  
  Server 1 8
  9:30  yukino@x 10  
Server 2  yukino@x X
7:30  tip@forums X  
  Server 2  yukino@x 10
  7:40  puma.@forums 9  
  Server 2  trumpy@aagid X
  9:30  puma.@forums X