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Game Schedule

Game Opponent At a glace Datetime GMT Datetime EDT Datetime CDT Datetime PDT Datetime Australia Datetime Sweden
Scrimmage Team somethingsomething Saturday going on Sunday April 1, 0 GMT April 1, 7pm April 1, 6pm April 1, 4pm PST April 2, 10am April 2, 10am
Seed Round Clan MBC April 6, Thursday Night - April 7, Friday Morning April 7, 5 UTC April 7, 1am April 7, 12am April 6, 10pm April 7, 3pm April 7, 7am
Seed Round Lobster Mafia April 7-8, Friday Night/Saturday Morning April 8 5:00 UTC April 8, 1am April 8, 12am April 7, 10pm April 8, 3pm April 8, 7am
Seed Round Anarchic wanderers April 8-9, Saturday Night/Sunday Morning April 8 22:00 UTC April 8, 6pm April 8, 5pm April 8, 3pm April 9, 8am April 9, 12am (midnight)
Seed Round Crazy Tronners April 9-10, Sunday Night/Monday Morning April 9 22:00 UTC April 9, 6pm April 9, 5pm April 9, 3pm April 10, 8am April 10, 12am (midnight)
Seed Round Clan Fortress Elite April 13, Thursday Night/Friday Morning April 14, 5:30 UTC April 14, 1:30am April 14, 12:30am April 13, 10:30pm April 14, 3:30pm April 14, 7:30am
Seed Round Team somethingsomething April 16, Sunday April 16, 20:00 UTC April 16, 4pm April 16, 3pm April 16, 1pm April 17, 6am (Sydney) April 16, 10pm
Scrimmage Notes: This is a practice game. Tourney rules will be followed for the most part, but the purpose is to give both teams some practice. So we may play with as many players as show up, rather than the tourney reg 5 players.

Practice Schedule

Tentative practice schedule is two practices a week, try to make at least one of them. Each practice should last about an hour. If you only make one, try to get in an hour of practice on your own some other time during the week. If you can't make either, then try to get 2 hours on your own, obviously. Practice should be with physics settings that are the same as what the tourney plays with.

We should practice these days:

  • Saturday
  • Wednesday

At this time:

  • 5am GMT
  • 10pm Pacific
  • 12am Central
  • 1am Eastern
  • 8am Stockholm (and it's Sunday and Thursday for Stockholm)
  • 6pm Sydney (and it's Sunday and Thursday for Sydney)

Can you show up?

experimental, no is default, please update if you know you can make it, or at least think you can
Game Luci tank dook cray hang mom_ anj_ hank manta
MBC m n n m y m n n y
Lm_ n n y m y m n n y
Aw n n y y n m n n y
CT m n y y n m n n n
fe y n n n n n n n y
??_ m n y y y n n m y
leave a y for yes, n for no, and m for maybe
  • games that start on a weeknight at midnightCDT, will be difficult, at the min. i will be late!

if at all possible, please try to make it at 12:30, that way i have a better chance of making it!Cray

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