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First Round (seed round)

We play all teams this round. We'll just have a subsection to note each game and if it's been played yet. Games that haven't been played should be on the schedule. If they're not, try to contact a player from the other team to schedule the game.

Lobster Mafia

Best 2 of 3 matches: Knights of Ni win first two matches and the game is decided in their favour.

          Lobsters     Knights
 Round 1:    36         106
 Round 2:    62         106
 Round 3:    48         100

We won all three matches. We let them take an extra player that's not "officially" part of the team to try to even it out. Played all 3 matches even though the game was won at 2, it was fun. :) --Lucifer 01:34, 8 April 2006 (CDT)

Game Recording

Team somethingsomething

We lost bad. A big thanks to wrtl knob and bigmac for helping us out. bigmac and knob are welcome on our team anytime. (unsure if they want to be affiliated with us though)--Your mom 15:49, 16 April 2006 (CDT)

We lost as miserably as the scrimmage.

Things worth noting:

  • We had 2 regular Ni players, possibly due to...
  • There were some inaccurate time conversions listed here. Mom fixed them just before the match
  • Normally my timezone (EDT) is -5gmt but it is now -4? Daylight savings time mixup? Possible contribution to aforementioned time conversions
  • All matches were 7v6
  • Something Something has fantastic pings (< 75) to our (mostly > 150's)

Round 1 screenshot here. | Round 2 screenshot here. | My recording is here. -mkzelda (dookatee)

EDT is always GMT-4. Before daylight saving time you were in EST which is GMT-5. It was probably a bad idea to start the spoon right at the beginning... --Wrtlprnft 16:20, 16 April 2006 (CDT)

Well you learn something every day. I'd always known I was in EST, but I'd never heard of EDT until all this. Now I understand, and hopefully we can make things clearer in the future :)

  • Eastarn time is -4 gmt during daylight savings and -5 when daylight savings is not in effect, one of my jobs is to make these calculations every day, for every time zone in the US, Did u not look at the time zone conversion chart we placed on the schedule page? Glad this is only a seed round! You are incorrect in your time zone assumptions above!, So now i ask, why was the game played at the wrong time? Or was the original schedule incorrect on the scheduling page in zulu time, or did someone f'up the conversion. I went back and looked and the coversion is correct now, whoever did it. Cray Supercom--who is upset because was going to play in this game!

As I said before, Mom fixed the times just before the match. Therefore, those who referred to the time zone conversion chart did not see the correct time. You can check the history of the edits. --mkzelda

fe Clan

The fe clan did not show and hence forfeited, Game is counted as win for Knights

Xzl.Accel Clan


Anarchic Wanderers

I think the best way to describe that game is that it was a battle of attrition. AW had to fight dearly for each gain, but in the end they whould whittle us down each time.

Anjori and Cray were sliding badly, but Manta was actually fine so not sure what was going on there. ?? AW asked Zop to join AW as a temporary player to make it a 5 vs 5 game. His low ping was a definite plus for their team.

          Knights     Anarchic Wanderers
 Round 1:    52          108
 Round 2:    76          100
 Round 3:   ---          ---

MBC Clan

Best 2 of 3 matches, Knights of Ni win first two matches and the game is called with Ni being the winner.

Was a fun game, MBC had a good showing and played well --manta 20:44, 7 April 2006 (PDT)
It went of 4 vs 4 and you won. --Wrtlprnft 22:26, 7 April 2006 (CDT)
          Knights     MBC Clan
 Round 1:   100          30
 Round 2:   100          34
 Round 3:   ---          ---

Crazy Tronners

Only 2 Knights showed up against at least 8 Crazy Tronners, so we had to forfeit due to lack of players.

 Apr 08 01:26:35 <anjori> i'll try and be there, but no guarantees
 Apr 08 01:27:39 <Manta> I won't be able to make them all ether but I guess thats why we have 9 people on the team
 Apr 08 01:43:42 <Lucifer_arma> yeah, tht's why we have 9 people on the team :)

Playoffs (knockout rounds)

Well put stuff here as it makes sense to do so.

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