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This page layout was first used by Jonathan. Just him. On the whole web. He should patent it! Well, it was just granted, and I'm suing you now! —Jonathan

Well, I don't know exactly what to put onto this page, noone will read it anyways... But here we go:


You can contact me in our IRC Channel, write me a private message on the forums or just edit my Talk Page (Don't forget to sign with —~~~~ ;))

Things in Armagetron Advanced you can blame me for

  • I'm hosting the original race server as well as some other temporary servers. If you see someone doing things they're not supposed to on there, please tell me.
  • I implemented the new Cockpit file format, anything related to that, bugs or just cool files, goes to me.
  • There's a console and chat history in all versions since, and all versions since 0.3.0 have tab completion as well. 0.3.1 will save the history to a file and allow you to search in it by pressing CTRL-R while being in chat/console mode.
  • I added some latin-1 characters to the font files in and implemented a totally new font system in 0.3.0 using FTGL. The default font is also by me using the old bitmap fonts as a base.
  • The resource browser is also mine.
  • Many smaller additions/fixes, I can't list them all here.

Pages on the wiki with a major contribution by me

Other users with a similar page layout

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