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The Challenge Board is designed to make the pairing of teams easier. The challenge board is now locked.

The following list is the definitive schedule. There is a choice of servers to allow predominantly American teams an opportunity to play in a low-ping grid.

Quarter Finals 7.30pm GMT

  • Team 1 challenges Team 2 on Z-man's Tournament Fortress
  • Team 3 challenges Team 4 on AST Fortress
  • Team 5 challenges Team 6 on Wildwest - Fortress (bugfarm)
  • Team 7 challenges Team 8 on LOD Lords of Destruction Fortress Server

Semi Finals 8.15pm GMT

  • Team 1/2 challenges Team 3/4 on AST Fortress
  • Team 5/6 challenges Team 7/8 on LOD Fortress

Finals 9pm GMT

  • Team 1/2/3/4 challenges Team 5/6/7/8 on AST Fortress

Server allocation depends on what servers are available on the night. Check the discussion page to see recent availability of servers providing Standard Fortress Settings, and feel free to propose alternatives. Ultimately, Team-Captains will decide.

Challenge Board

The Challenge Board is locked. Only WPN is either Team 1 or Team 3... flipping a coin... heads for team 1... done -- heads, so WPN is Team 1, and Team 4, Holers, get a bye in the quarters and their first game is in the semi's.

Provisional Brackets

Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final Winner
7:30 PM GMT 8:15 PM GMT 9:00 PM GMT
WPN 2 wpn 0 ho 0 proNoobz
tm 0
none N/A ho 2
ho bye
st 2 st 0 pN 2
ws 0
pN bye pN 2
TiP n/s

This will be filled out throughout the competition

Ladle Info | About | Challenge Board | Tools | Operations | Results | Statistics | Voting | Bowl