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Wraith Squadron was founded during the first tronic ladle to liven up the usual mix of 20 player clans filling the teams list. There is no clan affiliation or silly rules. For the most part we are governed by common-sense and talent.

The Wraith Squadron name is based on Aaron Allston's series of books. (Star Wars for the illiterate)

Official Wraith Squadron Forum: http://ws.freehostia.com/index.php

Offical WS servers: U.S.Fortress, Wild West - Fortress and Sumo



We need to make sure we have a reasonable form of communication so can we enter the server within a few minutes of each other. As far as coordinating the team MSN seems to be working the best. Remember windows includes the MSN client and you can use your hotmail account to log in.

Durka has graciously set up a chat-room for us: Wraith Squadron - Chat Room

Also Durka made a new forum so it would be easier for all of the clans to communicate, organize wars, tournaments, and view stuff about certain servers. Armagetron Clans

Team Schedule

We seem to keep in pretty good contact via MSN and our impromptu team practice sessions seem to be working out better than having them scheduled ahead of time.

If anyone wants to play a match with another team or in a tournament, please bring it up so we can get everyone together.

Oh and check out the great forum eclipse made just for us. Thank you eclipse

Wraith Squadron Notes

Any comments or notes you wish to make.

Wraith Squadron has an official forum:


Ladle Notes


As far as holes, if you see one and you think you can safely make it GO FOR IT. However unless you are SURE your partner can take the zone successfully DON'T make a hole. We are better off having you alive.

Win zone

We won't take the win zone unless the other team is gong for it, If they do all rules are off, make them sorry any way you can.


Manta probably needs to be on the out side.

JJBean likes to be either spot 1,2, or 3.


BlAzE is defender, kamakazi is backup, if one dies head back, don't leave defense alone.

Things can change so use your judgment as to what needs to be done and where you will be needed.