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Model Formats

Armagetron uses two model formats that it directly supports. It uses a format with a .mod extension, and a format with a .ase extension.

Edd's (ASE) cycle's dimensions are:

  • X (front to back wheel): 163.12 units
  • Y (left to right): 67.99 units
  • Z (bottom to top): 45.16 units
  • Cycle's should face positive X direction.

.MOD Models

This is the model used by the default look and you should screw with it with care. The game makes many assumptions about the three models here, and if your model doesn't violate those assumptions you should be fine.

It is a relatively simple text based mesh description format: lines starting with "v" define a vertex, the first number that follows is the vertex index, the next three numbers are the vertex's coordinates. Lines beginning with "f" define faces; the three numbers that follow are the indices of the vertices that form the triangle. There are converters available to convert to this format.

The three models used are found in the models directory in your Armagetron Advanced installation. You'll find these files there:

  • cycle_body.mod
  • cycle_front.mod
  • cycle_rear.mod

Each model is what it says it is.

The main drawback is that you can't texture the model. There's no space for texture coordinates or surface normals. Armagetron Advanced just maps the textures in a predefined way by projecting them from the sides.

.ASE Models

.ASE models are a text version of the 3dsMax model format. Normally 3dsMax stores its models in a binary format that is somewhat proprietary. You might be able to find a converter for it, you might not. 3dsMax will export to a text format, and .ase is that format. It is a fairly common format and there are numerous converters.

The catch to using this format are summarized in this list:

  • Cycle wheels will not be animated.
  • For that matter, your model won't have any animated bits.
  • It can only be used in the moviepack

You can prepare your model for animation by setting the pivots right and making a object group for each part to be animated. But currently only unanimated models are supported by the moviepacks.

ASE Export Support

  • 3D Studio Max 7+: File->Export export as "ASCII Scene Export" TODO: earlier versions support it too ?
  • Blender: Install and use the ASE importer/exporter .py script


Here are some converters you can use. With any luck you can find the right combination of your favorite 3d model creation program and a converter to bring you to Armagetron model-making bliss.


Converst ASE to and from other formats. It works well, although I remember it having some scaling issues when I used the model in Armagtron. It is a command line tool.


  • Windows only
  • GUI

Blender Python Script

May only work with older version of Blender.

Free Editors


Remember to ask author's permission to use his/her work. Even free downloads can have copyrights and licenses.

Customizing the game Models - Edd's site has Tron models

Topic on - Edd's final low poly cycle] - Biggest Tron site might offer models too ;)

From Way Back on the Forums

Until someone comes in and fleshes this out, here's what I've collected off the forums about models.


Ii'd like to edit/make new bike models for armagetron, and i'd like to use blender3d to do it as blender is GNU GPL, have anybody tried this? (i know blender's interface is extremely non-intuitive - they say that the new version is better in this regard, haven't got the chance to test this myself)


This is from the moviepack readme file.
The 3D models were made with Kinetix 3DSMax3.1
The .ase modelization file is an ASCII exportation from 3DSMax.
I have maya, but I dont have an ASCII exporter. Im gonna try to find one. Hope this helps.
Okay, if you have maya, you can export into the .ase format with this Im gonna test it out now.
UPDATE: The ActorX plugin only works on windows it seems Sad. I run maya on my mac. I also found some ways to export from blender to .ase. It says it doesnt work with the newest versions of blender, though. linky


N54, I just decided to check out blender and they DO have an import/export script for 3ds files that seems to work. I will play around a lil more, but i think im gonna forget about 3dsmax6 and try blender for a while.
Sorry N54, Its a python script for blender2.35 for ase export(?) and theres one for 3ds import/export (?) I need to look again when i get home.