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This page will tell you how to create your own moviepacks. See Moviepacks list for already existing moviepacks. For help installing an already existing moviepack go here.

Editing and Creating a Moviepack


  • Title.jpeg

The custom start page before the menu (only works in 2.7 +) (the thunderbolt page when using default textures)

Cycle Model

  • cycle.ase

The bike model, make one using your favorite 3d modeling system.

Cycle Texture

  • bike.png

The skin for your bike model. Transperent parts of the image will show the color each player has selected for his bike/wall. If the model appears to be grey in the game, open the ase model in a text editor like notepad and make sure the path of the texture is correct.

Player Wall Texture

  • dir_wall.png

The skin for player walls. Transperent parts will be invisable in game, White will show the color the player has selected. -note while using colors here is tempting its not recomended as the colors are often distorted in the game.

Floor Textures

  • floor.png
  • floor_a.png
  • floor_b.png

Floor.png works like a tile and is tiled across the floor with no variation you can use a small image like 50px50p and tile it or a larger image like 500px500p and stretch it across the entire floor.

floor_a.png is normally a line just stretched vertically across the floor and floor_b.png the same only stretched horizontaly by combining the two it creates a sharp square grid. There have been people who thought they could use this to create a very sharp unique floor.

discussion here -

Rim(outer)Wall Textures

  • rim_wall_a.png
  • rim_wall_b.png
  • rim_wall_c.png
  • rim_wall_d.png

The 4 images are used to make the outer wall make one image and copy it for a look that spans the whole grid or try using 2 patterns for a unique look.


  • sky.png

The sky image can help the whole movie pack together in game but not everyone uses a sky so don't depend on it.


  • Settings.cfg

Use this to unify the look of your movie pack no matter who uses it


MOVIEPACK_FLOOR_RED .8   floor color (with moviepack)
MOVIEPACK_FLOOR_GREEN 1 floor color (with moviepack)
MOVIEPACK_FLOOR_BLUE .6 floor color (with moviepack)