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No Exit is a challenge ladder using whatever the same competition settings as Illegal Exit. Illegal Exit is a tournament for which there is a winner; No Exit is a ladder which never ends. Teams are ranked on the ladder. The higher the number, the lower on the ladder, as in the rank 1 means the first best team and rank 26 means the 26th best team. If a lower ranked team defeats a higher ranked team, the lower ranked team takes the higher ranked team's ladder position. There are no restrictions on which teams you can play. New teams enter at the bottom without a rank. Players can change at any time, we just ask that team's keep an updated list of their current roster. Players may also play for multiple teams, but obviously not in the same match. The only rule is that you may not play for a team without the team's permission. No Exit teams, like Illegal Exit teams, are generally unrelated to clans, players use their common names, and players join and change teams frequently. It is a free market of talent, and it is chaotic. This is how we like it.


  1. Mrs Dalloway
    • Concord@forums, orion@forums, RudyCantFail@forums,
    • color r15 g15 b4
  2. LFO
    • sinewav@forums, weed@mym, Mkay1@forums
    • color r2 g15 b2
  • Rootkit
    • Jericho@x,, Titanoboa@forums
    • color r11 g2 b2

Outstanding Challenges

  • How about this weekend? Saturday, perhaps. Jericho spoke to me Sunday about wanting to play - Mrs Dalloway
    • 09 Mar Sunday is my "off day" from the gym so I'll probably playing Arma a lot between coding some bullshit and eating. I'll be around. ~sine

Completed Challenges

  • 2.17.13 Mrs Dalloway def. LFO
  • 2.10.13 Mrs Dalloway def. LFO