Shovel 2

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The Seventh TRONIC Shovel will be played on Sunday, January 17, 2016!


  1. Docile Dingoes | Acidic(forums), 6.panda({{{5}}})
  1. canis inferus | kite(forums), suicidal(For_The_Benefit_of_Mr_Kite)
  1. The Unexpected Partnership | pike(pike@forums), nate(Wiki Page Name)
  2. Charon.0o | Snxpflash(Snxpflash@forums), Radian(
  3. Scumbag Holers | LeopardSh(forums), PantherSh({{{5}}})

Challenge Board


  • The first team to win a match advances to the next round.
  • 1 team advances from the Opening Round, 2 advance from Semifinals to Finals
  • Highest score at the end of 18 rounds wins a match.
  • In the semi-finals only 1 match is played. Top 2 teams advance to the finals.
  • All finals are played in the server listed in bold. Teams may agree to move to the backup server if there is a regional preference or problem with the primary server.

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  Opening Round (18:15 GMT) (1 team advances) Semi Finals (19:00 GMT) (2 teams advance) Championship (19:45 GMT)
 Herendes Cirkels  
 ~bye~14 1st
 Premade Sumolane  
 The Unexpected Partnership
 Sma_~R~_t and Sma_~R~_terer
 comité de salut public 1st
 Docile Dingoes ?
 Janus-Faced Jantjie ?
 Scumbag Holers ?
 How2Type ?
 Herendes Cirkels 1st
 We drink Beedka ?
 Aufstand ?
 Charon.0o ?
 Wasted Penguinz ?
 . 1st
 Bad connections
 canis inferus
 Witness The Fitness!