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Swampland in 2.7.1(Breakfast Server)

This server is run by Swampy and is based in New Jersey U.S.A. . This server offers shorter walls and moderately high wall acceleration. It is also a standard gladiatorial-style arena. It's based on the original 2.7.0 settings. The additional rubber settings in 2.7.1 increased the ability to abuse wall rubber. When new players would see that they could 180 repeatidly on the same wall indefinitely, abuse of the new settings started. Many players saw this as a disgrace to the games original gameplay, as you would see players constantly abusing the rubber for speed and to avoid actually fighting other players. Despite this though swampland has retained its popularity.

Breakfast in Swampland 2.7(.0 original)

This server was also based on the original Breakfast of Champions settings similar to BiH aka Swamplords on Crack. It was created just before BoC was taken down this server is popular among many Veteran players, its where many of them went after and during the end of Boc. It didnt get its popularity just from its legacy though, its settings where fast, forgiving, and most overall fun.

Breakfast in Shrunkland

This server offers shorter walls and moderately high wall acceleration in a smaller then normal arena. This server is also run on the same machine as Swampland 2.7.1 . It is similar to World_of_TNA in arena style/gameplay and during the time where WoTnA lacked hosting was used for the occasional game of Roulette.