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The TRON League consists of 3v3 matches, and teams can have up to 4 players on their roster at any one time, though players can be dropped and added and switch teams throughout the season.

  • A List of every player's GID is maintained by the League operators. You will need to be on that list to be able to play. This is a measure against smurfing and against ringers. This list will be updated weekly as players are added and dropped.
  • The TRON League is rolling, teams may join in at any time and the season starts as soon as two teams sign up. After a number of weeks to be determined, the top quarter of the teams enter a playoff bracket to determine a season winner.
  • Games are short, just one match, (estimated time around 10-20 minutes). Teams will play 1-2 matches a week on Saturdays in various time slots ranging from 18:00 to 20:00 gmt.

Hopefully players from every corner of the Armagetron Advanced server list will participate. This tournament is aimed at involving anyone who has picked up the game, there's nothing complicated about it. Spread the word.

Sign Ups

If you would like to join the TRON League, sign your team up here. Each week, the deadline for activation for that week is Wednesday night. Completed teams are activated and moved below to the Current Teams section. (insert name here, DAIHATSU CUBE and Exceedplay have been activated)


  • p O i S o N (pOiSoN@forums)
  • Player 1 (Player 1 GID)
  • Player 2 (Player 2 GID)
  • Reserve (Reserve GID)


Current Teams

This is a list of the teams currently competing in the TRON League. Teams are activated from the sign ups every Sunday to be included in the new game week. For more information about the current season go to Teams

Team List

Settings & Servers

  • We are looking for a few good servers, as well. We are very grateful to owners.
  • Admins, the lines to include are below

RINCLUDE tronleague/tronleague_alternate-r2.cfg(
RINCLUDE tronleague/tl_wk1_auth-r2.cfg(
SERVER_NAME 0xdddddd[0x47c3ffThe TRON League0xdddddd] [0x2b8f4fPlayer 1's Server0xdddddd]

Server List

{{TLServer|Your server name|ip|port|Location|[]}}

  • [The TRON League] [ INW's] (INW) New Jersey, US
  • [The TRON League] [ afroservers] (afroservers) Connecticut, US
  • [The TRON League] [ TheServerPharmDE] ( Stasbourg, Germany
  • [The TRON League] [ PlzResUs!] (AI) Germany, EU