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Team Sumo Tournament - Sunday, October 20, 2013!
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General Information


  • Each team is allowed only 2 Players. This is a 2v2v2v2 tournament.
  • Team editing will be locked after the brackets are up.
  • If you have played a match with a partner, you are NOT allowed to join another team as you have already locked yourself with the previous team by playing with them.
  • On the day of the event, team captains are allowed to replace there teammate if he does not show up.
  • Each team has 5 minutes after the posted time to be ready or they will be forced to forfeit. If the other team is in a match from a previous round in the tournament they will have 8 minutes after the match to get their team ready and the match started.
  • Be friendly and have fun.


  • The first team to win two matches advances to the next round.
  • 1 team advances from the Opening Round, 2 advance from Semifinals to Finals
  • First team to reach 900 points wins a match.

Server Settings

RESOURCE_REPOSITORY_SERVER http://resource.hashpickup.net/
RINCLUDE epsy/sumo/TST/game-2010.09-2.cfg
RINCLUDE epsy/generic/teamcolors4-1.0.aacfg.cfg
SERVER_NAME 0x99bccfTeam Sumo Tournament 0xaaaaef( 0x65bcbcPlayer 1's Server 0xaaaaef)


To add your team onto the list, simply fill in this template and then post it at the end of the desired location's list.

#TEAMNAMEHERE | Captain (@forums) | Player 2 |


  1. OMG BECKY! | Razzle (Razzle@x)| Dazzle
  2. Srinivasa Ramanujan (asdfasdf@forums) | Hardy (johnny.nbk@forums)
  3. The Immortals | Gilgamesh (gilgamesh@forums) | Enkidu
  4. Cheese Under Pie | Capone (Shock@forums) | Paladin
  5. Did you catch it? | orion (orion@forums)| b3n
  6. XxixXyoloswag420bongXxixX | mecca (Mecca@forums) | TaZ
  7. Video Game Arcade | Wreckit Ralph (iamthing1@forums) | Fixit Felix
  8. dBdeezNutz | tRonPaul (biasoner@forums) | Nil |
  9. Backstreet Boys | Zurd (ZURD101@forums) | MCP |
  10. Zone For Sale Nanu (nanu@aagid) | Agility
  11. teamoldskewlll | Biggysmalls (@forums) | IZZIMAHIZZI|
  12. What does the fox say? Garingdingding! (cowgoesmooo@forums) | Waapapapapapow! |
  13. X and Y | Xerneas (Xerneas@aagid) | Yveltal |
  14. Villains | Cruella De Vil (Villains@forums) | Wizard | Dr. Evil
  15. The Otter Illusion | Otter (otter@forums) | Illusion |
  16. Team^ß| Player 1 (Player1@forums | Player 2


  1. SCUMM | Fish Breath Patrick (django@aagid) | Misty the Well-Tanned
  2. The Sexiest team ever | Chinchilla (DrunkDuck@forums) | soska
  3. whatever | liz (Vogue@forums) | wap
  4. Team ugly | vov (vov@x) | House
  5. Box Dwellers | Thing 1 (Thing1@forums) | Thing 2
  6. panda is a masochist | Jericho (Jericho@x) | Panda
  7. Surprise | o.o (o.o!@forums) | u.u
  8. The Winchesters | Sam Winchester (eagles@forums) | Dean Winchester
  9. Magick team | izissise (izissise@forums) | Welanor
  10. KingBrezKrone | Krikio (Krikio@forums) | slov
  11. Crazy Drones | Voodoo (voodoo@forums) | pike
  12. Das Leben der Anderen | blondie (blondie@killst.tk) | korrigan
  13. PG Tips | ¶Potter (ppotter@forums) | Insa
  14. Tron Times | Nagi (Nagi@forums) | Venom
  15. This is it | Hydramist (Hydra@forums) | Kalimist
  16. Metal's Team | Metal (Metal@phoenix-clan.org) | Nate

Global Moderators

To sign up to be a global moderator, PM either J-Dawgg Or Soul in advance :) Server Donators will Automatically be placed under here.

  • Pathetique@forums
  • Kyle@ct/jedi
  • Light@forums
  • Lowkey@forums
  • sinewav@forums
  • Renegade@forums


Server List

* '''Server Name''' ([[User talk:ServerAdmin|ServerAdmin]]) <code>Address:Port</code> ''Location''



  • CT LIV (kyle@ct/jedi) Address: liv.crazy-tronners.com:4541 Germany (EU)
  • CT OWL (kyle@ct/jedi) Address: owl.crazy-tronners.com:4535 Somewhere (EU)
  • AoT UK (sinewav@forums) United Kingdom (EU)

Challenge Board


Opening Round Starting Time

GMT: 18:15
BST: 19:00
CEST: 20:00
EDT: 2:00PM
CDT: '1:00PM 
MDT: 12:00PM
PDT: 11:00AM
MST: 11:00AM(Important if you live in the majority part of AZ)

IMPORTANT: 2nd Opening EU Round Players should be in their server at 18:30 GMT in order to start as soon as the servers are available

  Opening Round (18:00 GMT) (1 team advances) n/a Semi Finals (19:30 GMT) (2 teams advance) Championship (20:15 GMT)
Pathetique's  Srinivasa OMG BECKY!  
 The Otter Illusion Villains  
CT USA  teamoldskewlll Did you catch it?
 Cheese Under Pie Video Game Arcade  
 Srinivasa Video Game Arcade  
   The Immortals X and Y  
Lowkey's US  Zone For Sale The Immortals  
 Backstreet Boys yoloswag420  
Renegade's USA  dBdeezNutz X and Y
 Team^ß What does the fox say?  
 X and Y Video Game Arcade
   This is it The Winchesters
CT OWL (18:00 GMT)  Team ugly panda is a masochist  
 Crazy Drones Metal´s team  
CT LIV (18:00 GMT)  SCUMM Tron Times
 whatever Surprise  
 Team Ugly SCUMM
   This is it The Winchesters  
AOT UK (18:00 GMT)  Box Dwellers Magick team  
 PG Tips This Is it  
CT LIV (18:30 GMT)  The Sexiest team ever The Winchesters
 KingBrezKrone Das Leben der Anderen