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We need to thinking about a few things: Date, Time, Server allocation, and team-captain preparations. Please post your notes below, and before the next ladle, these things have to be decided upon. 2020


How about Saturday the 2nd of September? Saturday is a big social night, so there is certainly a clash there, but we need a day which covers most of the globe. Friday evening, and the americans will still be working. Sunday, and people need to go to work the following day. Can't think of a better day. Also, we could do another in two weeks, but... this is a winter sport... the days are too nice and people want to go out...


Getting a global time which is accessible to everyone is tricky. Earlier than 9pm gmt, and the australians are out... only the die-hards are willing to get up so early in the morning to play! Perhaps we can have western and eastern games? Then the winners play another time? You see... it starts getting tricky. People also suggest not postponing it... How about having the final at 9pm GMT? So semi's at 8.15pm, quarters (if needed) at 7.30, and first round at 6.45pm, etc. Could this work better?

server allocation

The ping issue. Best suggestion so far is to play split the matches across two servers. Due to timing, I think this may only be feasible for the final with best of 5: the team who chooses first server has possible advantage of going 2-0 up, and the team who are second have the opportunity to catch and up and then win it in the 5th. Was easily doable for second ladle. What do you think?

team captain preparation

There wasn't much. Only two team-captains used the challenge room page. This could make the organisation on the day so much smoother. It can always revert to captains deciding things in the chatroom just before matches, but that still takes a while. We should have provisional matches sorted out well before time. Any ideas? We need some strong team-captains who are communicating with their teammates. The only way this self-organising thing works is trusting players, trusting captains, to sort it out on the night. Any suggestions?

discussion about T-room

The chat room for the second game was the irc set up by joda and wrtl. Teams should have their own way of communicating, but we need a secure way for team-captains to get together and sort things out.

If you didn't want to use a server for meeting you could use #armagetron on

I tried to connect, and there are so many options, nicknames, names, servers, god-knows, couldn't work it out... if all the captains know how to do it, then someone who knows how to use irc should host the challenge room. From the current list, we don't even seem to have captains... one week to go! 2020
Of course, if you don't know how to set up your IRC client (most should already have a FreeNode option that contains all necessary settings) you can always use Joda's web interface, which unfortunately is in German, but you can at least log in and ask someone for help on how to set up a real client ;) —Wrtlprnft 16:32, 24 June 2006 (CEST)
Set the Format: to "default" and you have a English interface ;) ... I fixed wrtlprnft's link to show the options. --Joda 02:00, 25 June 2006 (CEST)
Will try again. This would be for all captains of course, and should be private I suppose... is that possible to set up? 2020