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phew. this one took a while. the oxffoo section is a bit skimpy, you all might beef it up with stuff about how the characters are limited and stuff. If I missed any important concepts or commands fix it. --Raoul Duke

I should probably put on the policy page, could you put your name when you write on a talk page? The wiki doesn't do it automatically.

Other than that, it would be nice to have a screenshot of the menu progression with the right menu item highlighted in each one, if you or anyone else feels so inclined as to make one. Small resolution would work for this, if you wanted to do 480xwhatever. --Lucifer

Hardly anyone knows the name Raoul Duke in tron because i change my name so much, but ok. I'll do the menu progression screenshots. I have a headache. --Raoul Duke

thanks for making the pics thumbnails nemo, i tried that but it messed it all up a bunch so i left them big, guess you figured a way out/


Ever see the movie "Eating Raoul"? Besides that, I just added to the policy page something about external links. When you get a chance, if you don't mind (or somebody will do it sooner or later), could you factor out the external links to a section at the bottom? You know, refer to them in the text as it makes sense, but let's collect all the links at the bottom and try to keep only internal wiki links in the text. --Lucifer

PS Yes, this is a straight up rip of Wikipedia policy, I think it works very well over there. ;)