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  • The "Tilt" (Monthly High Rubber Tournament) takes place every month, last Saturday of the Month.
  • The "Tilt" will be for 3 player teams
  • The Third "Tilt" will take place on Saturday, January 28, 2012 1pm EDT 6pm GMT

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Tilt Back Talk

Please write pretty much anything you want below either about your experience of the event or how we can make it better for next time. Any information or ideas that you have are CRUCIAL for a successful run of any kind of tournament.
PsYkO: I was very pleased with this month's tilt... However, I feel that because of ping differences a small change should be made to disable advantages of higher pings (INSTAS!). I talked this over with Oblivion earlier and he felt it was a good idea too: Change the scoring system so points are not given for coredumps, but for rounds won, because instas will still count as points, and can win a team a match with luck. The rounds won would each give a point to the team it was won by, and matches would go up to 10 or 15. I'm sure many other players would agree with this, especially those with efficient computers or those who live close to the location where the server is hosted. These are the people who get insta'd the most. From reading your previous backtalk you seem to be against not counting instas, and you also said that 5 instas will probably not change a match. I disagree, in my match against xD, Durka's team, my players, who had lower pings were insta'd around 10 times or more, these were in crucial points of the matches too, and put us at a great disadvantage, seeing as how our team got 5 or less instas the whole time. Please take this into consideration. Thanks :D
Self Destructo
I must admit that I am with JDawg on this one Psyko. My team had 4 instas in one round. All 4 of us were insta'd. And it really does make a big difference. And JDawg and Oblivion's idea would probably work to help with this problem. It would at least make things more even for the teams. I hope you consider it.
Maybe if Psyko could shut his god damn mouth during the matches he is playing in and stop starting old and pointless arguements with Goody and I, then it might have been a decent experience for me.
JDawg, SD - I feel instas are part of the game but I can't emphasize it enough that this isn't my tournament, it is the community's and they decide. So next tilt how about first team to 5 wins? Because if you think about it, 4 players on a team each worth 1 point would be about 5 winning rounds to win.

Durka - They are pointless, I started it as a joke, your guys' fault for getting your panties in a bunch =/ Maybe if you focused more on the game instead of coming up with "burns" to "hurt" my feelings (lol) you would have competed with us.

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