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         <td>Semi Finals</td>
         <td>Semi Finals</td>
        <td>[[Ladle 76]]</td>
        <td>Redemption 2</td>
        <td>Immortal Dynasty</td>
        <td>Quarter Finals</td>

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hi I am Nagi or also known as Naged/Nagged


Hunters (H+): was a silly CTWF team.

Phoenix (<|): my first real clan, was playing with them from June 7th 2012, until October 29th 2013.

Redemption (/%): applied on November 16th 2013, and 10 days later, on November 26th I was accepted.

Ladle History

Ladle Played For Beaten Teams Placement Lost To
Ladle 61 Phoenix None Nothing WildWest
Ladle 63 Phoenix Matrix Quarter Finals \\MeetYourMaker
Ladle 64 Phoenix RedamnSon/% Quarter Finals _~R~_ogue Tronners
Ladle 65 Phoenix None Nothing ~*Speeders*~
Ladle 66 Phoenix Fire None Nothing Revolver
Ladle 67 Phoenix Fire None Nothing \\MeetYourMaker
Ladle 68 Phoenix °°ps Quarter Finals _~R~_ogue Tronners
Ladle 69 Phoenix Fire None Nothing Redemption/%
Ladle 70 Phoenix Fire None Nothing Revolver
Ladle 71 Phoenix Fire °°ps Quarter Finals That 71's Team
Ladle 73 Phoenix Embers None Quarter Finals Kill St.
Ladle 74 Phoenix Fire Serenity Semi Finals Redemption/%
Ladle 75 Phoenix Fire Will Never Die! °°ps Semi Finals TeamUnK
Ladle 76 Redemption 2 Immortal Dynasty Quarter Finals Redemption/%

Game Settings

I use smartcam and so far hasn't changed it. (Although it's adjusted to 3 height.)

GID: Nagi@forums


Tron Times