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hi I am Nagi or also known as Naged/Nagged


Hunters (H+): was a silly CTWF team.

Phoenix (<|): my first real clan, was playing with them from June 7th 2012, until October 29th 2013.

Redemption (/%): applied on November 16th 2013, and 10 days later, on November 26th I was accepted.

Ladle History

Ladle Played For Beaten Teams Placement Lost To Matches
Ladle 61 Phoenix None Nothing WildWest 1–2
Ladle 63 Phoenix MatriX Quarter Finals \\MeetYourMaker 2–0, 0–2
Ladle 64 Phoenix RedamnSon/% Quarter Finals Rogue Tronners 2–0, 0–2
Ladle 65 Phoenix None Nothing ~*Speeders*~
Ladle 66 Phoenix Fire None Nothing Revolver
Ladle 67 Phoenix Fire None Nothing \\MeetYourMaker
Ladle 68 Phoenix °°ps Quarter Finals _~R~_ogue Tronners
Ladle 69 Phoenix Fire None Nothing Redemption/%
Ladle 70 Phoenix Fire None Nothing Revolver
Ladle 71 Phoenix Fire °°ps Quarter Finals That 71's Team
Ladle 73 Phoenix Embers None Quarter Finals Kill St.
Ladle 74 Phoenix Fire Serenity Semi Finals Redemption/%
Ladle 75 Phoenix Fire Will Never Die! °°ps Semi Finals TeamUnK
Ladle 76 Redemption 2 Immortal Dynasty Quarter Finals Redemption/%

Game Settings

I use smartcam and so far hasn't changed it. (Although it's adjusted to 3 height.)

GID: Nagi@forums


Tron Times