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MCP Hackers

This is a Brand new time I am creating for my server:Compguygene's Fortress Server. It currently supports only fortress game play, but soon will support CTF, Sumo, TST, and CTFS. I am creating this team so I can be on a team in my own server, however, I am NOT QUALIFIED TO BE A TEAM LEADER!. So I am looking for someone who is qualified to be a team leader.

I have been playing since December of 2006, and feel ready to try a fortress tournament! My first tourney will be Fortress Brawl. I also intend to play in Ladle 18. If the team can get organized quick enough, we might consider playing in Ladle 18. If you have any questions you can email me at or pm me on the Wild West forums or the Crazy Tronner forums. Of course, the ideal way to reach me would be to register on my servers forum at [1] I am also on AIM as compguygene.