Happy Fun Time Guide

Effects (good and bad)

  • Confused: You cant see stats correctly, your own or others, and have only 1/5 chance of casting spells correctly. See blue.
  • Resistant: You are immune to certain spells, almost all except for disable, lightning, nuke, and ball. See swirly.
  • Ill: You have a chance of randomly dieing every 15 seconds. See black.
  • Poisoned: Your rubber used starts going up slowly, usally. See purple.
  • Disabled: You cannot cast spells. (except wands) See pink.
  • Teleportis: You teleport randomly at random times to random places. See cyan.
  • Magical: Casting spells requires no mana. See milky.



  •  ???: Potion of Randomization: This potion could be any of the below. You just never know what you're going to get...

Good Potions

  • Red: Potion of Super Mana: Restores half maximum mana. For players under level 50, green potions are more effective which restore a flat 500.
  • Green: Potion of Gain Mana: Gives 500 mana. For players under level 50, this is better than a Red Potion, which refills your mana halfway
  • Fizzing: Potion of Full Heal: Restores all rubber and status effects. Only way to be cured of spell disable, virus, and other things.
  • Brown: Potion of Gain Level: Instantly levels up by 1. One of the most saught out items in the game. Leveling up with brown potions do not refill * half your mana as would leveling up though exp would.
  • Swirly: Potion of Magic Resistance: Causes the resistance status: You are uneffected by spells. The disable spell bounces off and back to sender. Double resistance spawns a shield.
  • Murky: Potion of Handicap: Gives levels relative to lvl. The number of levels given is 13-(lvl/10). Gives levels for players up to level 125, otherwise is useless.
  • Tan: Potion of Experience: Gives 50 exp. Crafting makes a 4 jug.
  • Milky: Potion of Magic: Casting spells cost no mana and allows spell spam. Each spell has a 7% chance to remove the Magical status.

Bad Potions

  • Bubbly: Potion of Draining: Lowers player level by 1 and puts exp 1 away from leveling up. Releveling again will replenish mana halfway, which can be a good use for bubblies.
  • Orange: Potion of Dunce: Exp loss equal to (lvl/11)-2
  • Cyan: Potion of Teleporitis: Causes the teleporitis status which teleports you uncontrollably. Hit someone with this who already has teleporitis and gain 7 exp.
  • Purple: Potion of Poison: Causes the poison status which slowly lowers rubber. Killing with it gives you bonus exp and mana.
  • Yellow: Potion of Acid: Damages rubber. Kill someone with it for 5 bonus exp. Use on players with only half rubber remaining.
  • Black: Black Potion of Illness: Causes the ill status which has a random chance to kill. Killing with it gives 4 bonus exp.
  • Blue: Potion of Confusion: Causes the confusion status. Spells only cast correctly 1/3 the time and cost double mana. Losing exp while confused may add exp instead. Double confusion will drain 5 exp.
  • Pink: Potion of Disable: Causes the disable status. Double disable causes Maud to form.
  • Gunky: Potion of Mistake: A crafting failure. Drinking and throwing has no effect.

Special Potions

  • Sticky: Potion of Stickiness: Allows the combination of wands of the same type for stacking purposes, or the splitting of a wand into two smaller pieces. Enables the /combine and /split commands.
  • Golden: Pot of Gold: Craft the golden potion to sell at shops making a decent amount of money. The recipe for this potion changes periodically and the value depends on the ingredients used to make it. Check the current ingredients in the library, which change every 100 rounds. If the potion gets dusty, it will devalue the gold.


  • Elm: Wand of Create Item: Spawn random items. The kind of item that will spawn is dependant on what there is room for in your inventory, for example if you are holding 2 rings and not a potion, a potion will spawn, or if you are holding a potion but not a ring, then rings will spawn. If your inventory is full but you have storage space, wands will be able to spawn.
  • Elm*: Wand of Create Item*: This wand follows the same mechanic as a regular elm, except that there is also a chance to spawn rare items such as tan potions, hex wands, ruby* rings. The only item it can't spawn is clay* wands.
  • Fir: Wand of Healforce: Spawns a slow moving zone that replenishes rubber.
  • Bone: Wand of Jet Wall: Your cycle tail is shortened by how much rubber you have left. You can cruise around with no tail, draw invisible traps, then heal yourself to trap unsuspecting players.
  • Clay: Wand of Wishing: You may wish for any item (ie: /zap blue potion). You can also wish for exp, mana, $, flasks, points, ctf mode. You may not wish for rare items but browns can be wished for up to level 150. Upgradeable to clay*
  • Clay*: Wand of Wishing*: The ultimate item. You can wish for any item including rare items and browns. When wishing for potions, you will get a 2 of them instead of just 1.
  • Zinc: Wand of Force Bolt: A forceful bolt is emitted from the wand destroying each player's items with a 1/5 chance, and fragile items (potions, glass, clay) 100% of the time.
  • Tin: Wand of Thievery: Steals a random item from another player. It will try and steal items you have room for first, so this way you can control which item it steals. The exception is that it will always steal brown potions and clay wands first. People holding opal rings can block this wand.
  • Bent: Wand of Pickpocket: Hitting someone will steal between 4 and 7 dollars.
  • Vine: Wand of Spawn Deathzone: Spawns a death zone to end the round.
  • Ash: Wand of Fire: Shoots a stream of fire that explodes on impact. Provides 2 exp and 50 mana.
  • Pine: Wand of Rubber: Changes everyone's rubber to be between 3 and 175 randomly. Controlling the rubber is also possible between 10 and 200 (ie: /zap 200)
  • Oak: Wand of Speed: Changes the speed for everyone on the grid by a random number between 1 and 70. Specifying the speed between 10 and 70 is also possible (ie: /zap 70)
  • Long: Wand of Draining: Hitting someone will steal 50% of their available mana and give it to you. Upgradeable to long*
  • Long*: Wand of Draining*: By hittng someone, you will gain all of their available mana while destroying all opal rings in the process.
  • Wide: Wand of Points: Each zap provides 3 points. You can space your zaps so that you win every close match.
  • Tiny: Wand of Shop Summoning: Summons a random shop. You can specify what shop to spawn (ie: /zap <potion|ring|wand|general|library>) Upgradeable to tiny*
  • Tiny*: Wand of Black Market Summoning: Summons a random blackmarket. You can specify which to spawn (ie: /zap <potion|ring|wand|general>). There is a 2/3 chance for a clay from tiny* blackmarkets. Zapping a library works but is a waste of your wand.
  • Brass: Wand of Banishing: Hitting someone with this will ban them from the server for 10 minutes
  • Hex: Wand of Command Disable: Hitting someone with this can disable any 1 command you specify permanently until they drink a fizzing potion. (ie: /zap pet or /zap shop) The only way to become undisabled is to drink a fizzing potion
  • Forked: Wand of Burglery: Hitting someone with this wand will steal from their storage. You should specify the index number of their storage box you want to take from (ie: /zap 3). You can view their storage and index numbers by typing /view <their login>. Opal rings in storage can block theft, but they have a high chance of breaking.
  • Dusty: Wand of Dust: Hitting someone with this will turn all potions and jugs in both inventory and storage to ??? potions permanently while destroying every bronze ring.
  • Thick: Wand of Jug Brewing: The number of charges on this wand become jugs on the potion you are holding. Does not work on Brown, Murky, or Tan potions. This wand has 1 use regardless of charges.
  • Meat: Wand of Meat: The product of a crafting failure. If the meat that you eat tastes good, you gain 50 mana, else lose 50 mana.


  • One: The One Ring: There is only one of these rings that exist in the game. You can see who currently has it by typing /one. Wearing it causes all spells to become super-charged while costing slightly more. You also have a 1/4 chance to respawn when dieing. This ring is easily lost: opals cannot protect it, if you don't please the ring, it will escape your possession. Going without playing hft while having the ring will also cause it to become bored and escape you. Each round you play while holding the ring increases your score on /one. Compete for who can hold the ring the longest.
  • Glass: Ring of Identify: All ??? Potions in your possession will be identified as their actual type.
  • Wire: Ring of Catching: All thrown potions can be caught. ??? Potions will be identified when caught.
  • Silver: Ring of Searching: The chance to find items are increased by an additional 50% per minute. While dead, items can still be found. Normally, items cannot be found while dead. Upgradeable to silver*
  • Silver*: Ring of Searching*: See entry on 'silver', differences: Chances to find items increased by 2 times, also 1.5x more durable.
  • Ruby: Ring of Conserve Energy: All spells cost 33% less to cast. Upgradeable to ruby*
  • Ruby*: Ring of Conserve Energy*: All spells cost 60% less mana to cast
  • Onyx: Ring of Death: Every 15 seconds, there is a 1/8 chance to cause death to the user. However winning the round while wearing the ring gives 5 exp and 100 mana. Winning the match also gives 10 exp and 500 mana. A strategy for avoiding death is to wear this only when you are about to win a round or match. Upgradeable to onyx*
  • Onyx*: Ring of Death*: See entry on 'onyx', differences: 10 exp and 130 mana for winning a round and 17 exp and 1000 mana for winning a match. Wearing has a 1/4 chance to kill every 15 seconds
  • Emerald: Ring of Gain Energy: Mana will replenish twise as fast (4 mana per 5 seconds) while alive, and also while dead. Normally mana does not replenish while dead. Upgradeable to emerald*
  • Emerald*: Ring of Gain Energy*: See entry on 'emerald', differences: 6 mana regenerated per 5 seconds, and 8 while dead
  • Sapphire: Ring of Experience: While wearing this ring, spells cannot be cast however 5 exp are given for core dumps. The respawn spell can still be cast. Upgradeable to sapphire*
  • Sapphire*: Ring of Experience*: See entry on 'sapphire', differences: This ring instead provides 9 exp for core dumps. However, wearing this ring will now cause the DISABLED status. The perfect companion ring is pearl.
  • Amethyst: Ring of Poison: Wearing this ring causes the POISONED status. Wearing and taking off will also clear any status effect. Useful for quickly removing status such as disable, confusion, etc.
  • Granite: Ring of Good Health: Prevents and reflects bad statuses from happening such as Poison, Illness, Confusion, Disable, Teleporitis, and more. If someone inflicted a status, it will be reflected back to them.
  • Shiny: Ring of Distraction: Possessing this ring reflects lightning and reflects banning from brass wands. You do not need to wear this ring for the benefits.
  • Opal: Ring of Theft & Drain Protection: While wearing this ring, you cannot lose levels, exp, mana, or money by unnatural means. For example, protected from item theft, money theft, mana/exp theft in the form of wands or spells. Also, storing an opal ring will protect against storage theft. You only need to hold the ring to protect against theft, but draining requires it to be worn.
  • Bronze: Ring of Stealth: Actions and information will be hidden from other players. For example, doing '/stats all' will not show your stats and items to others. Wearing/taking off rings, finding items, shop purchases, and storing/taking from storage, are not announced to others. Also, storing a bronze ring in storage will hide all items under it. Useful for ambush stealing items, or protecting your storage or itentity. Spells cost 2 extra mana to cast while wearing.
  • Ivory: Ring of Bargaining: All shop prices are 30% cheaper and go on Sale. Selling prices are also raised by 30%. The chance this ring has to break is 1 in 13-$saved chance when buying, and 10-$saved chance when selling.
  • Coral: Ring of Life Saving: Upon death, you have a 1/3 chance of being revived. Additionally, wearing this allows you to use the /respawn spell at any time including when too much time has passed, during nuke/jail, poison/illness, maps, and modes such as ctf. Upgradeable to coral*
  • Coral*: Ring of Life Saving*: See entry on 'coral', differences: 90% respawn rate. x2 durability
  • Topaz: Ring of Throwing: All throwing actions and wand zap zones will be boosted. Potion throws, grenades, wand zaps,and boomerangs for example will shoot twice as fast and zone twice as large. The zone radius and speed from wand zaps are increased by x2. Upgradeable to topaz*
  • Topaz*: Ring of Throwing*: See entry on 'topaz', differences: 3x speed and 3x zone size. Wand zap size and speed is x3
  • Gold: Spells that others cast will not effect you 80% of the time. This ring does not work against pets, missile, hadoken, rasengan, shots, or zombies. Upgradeable to gold*
  • Gold*: Ring of Protection*: See entry on 'gold', differences: 100% spell protection rate, and x3 durability
  • Wooden: Ring of Subsitute: While dead, this ring can cast spells on your behalf, go shopping, manage storage, or other actions that require you to be alive. Spells cost 10% extra mana.
  • Amber: Ring of Fire Resistance: Provides spell immunity to all heat-based and explosion based spells such as, fireball, nuke, suicide, landmines, c4, bombs, grenade, meteors, stickybombs, timebombs.
  • Diamond: Ring of Destiny Bond: Whenever someone kills you, your ring will explode killing anyone who is caught inside and an untamed pet to kill whoever slain you. Upgradeable to diamond*
  • Diamond*: Ring of Destiny Bond*: See entry on 'diamond', differences: 2x explosion blast radius
  • Pearl: Ring of Free Action: You can never be prevented from not casting spells. This allows you to cast while disabled, underwater, when certain spells are disabled, and casting banned spells during ctf or other modes. You can also respawn or teleport when not allowed. The perfect companion for a sapphire* ring.
  • Mood: Ring of Wishing: While wearing this ring and zapping a clay wand, all wishes will be granted including wishes for brown potions and rare items. Has a 1/3 chance to break.
  • Steel: Ring of Sturdiness: Items are protected from breaking from both overuse and force bolt. This ring prevents against rings crumbling and wands from vaporizing. This ring also prevents against wands from exploding due to overcharge and provides a saftey net for risky charges. This ring does not need to be worn for any of these effects.
  • Jade: Ring of Charging: Wearing the ring while holding a wand will increase the charge on the wand by 1 and durability by -1. Each wand has a set durability which is shown when '/view'ing storage while holding the ring. Wearing the ring while finding or winning a wand will charge the wand by up to 4 for the durability cost of only -1. Just holding the ring will always increase by 1 however.
  • Ring-Pop Ring: Ring of Mistake: The product of a failed ring craft. Wearing it has a 1/4 chance to consume it, in which 30 mana is gained.



  • Ivory ring, silver ring, bent wand
  • Diamond ring, Diamond ring, Swirly potion
  • 2 Silver rings & bubbly potion


  • Red potion + Green potion
  • Wooden ring & Yellow potion
  • Brown potion & Fizzing potion
  • Brown potion & Blue Potion - Make sure you have 4 flasks
Tiny* (unconfirmed)
  • Ivory ring, silver ring, tiny wand


  • Amber ring, sapphire ring, & elm wand (2 to 1)
  • Glass ring, tiny wand, & red potion