What is it?

Mazing is a game played by one or more players. The player(s) create designs with their wall and then enter back into the maze. When the player reaches the end of the maze he turns around and navigates back out. On servers with finite wall lengths a player may make a maze, enter it, and exit it at infinitum. More complex designs are more difficult to create and navigate.



The most basic design you can make to maze is a square. Create a boundary square large enough for you to make revolutions inside. Instead of closing off this boundary square enter it, leaving enough room to exit out. When you reach the center turn around and exit the maze.

A completed square maze

Inside Out

Some players create an inside out maze by spiraling out from their spawn position, and then enter into the maze. This maze will only work at the beginning of rounds, or when a hole is created in your wall.

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Dented Box

A player inside a dented box maze


A player inside a cross maze