thanks for cleaning it up lucifer :) ill try to format it the way you have it from now on --TNA

That was nemo that cleaned it up. Check the "history" tab.  :) --Lucifer

Oh haha, thx nemo then.. tard is making a map for rouletting there, it will start closer tword the middle and pointed left haha. -- TNA

Nemo: word of advice, what out when posting the new pics, try to keep the spaces formatted with 12 spaces under each picture if you want it to respectively stay with the picture.. (these spaces can be text but there has to be 12 lines used and i found out the hard way, bout an hour of tinkering lol)


I really think that infinite wall length under optimal settings is opinion based. With a shorter tail the game can go on longer. Long roulette games should be the objective. or maybe i'm INSANE. ---raoul

Argh i'll change it, all at once i got alot of those complaints, before everyone agreed with me :/.. It is opinion based, and i'm used to typing it because ive always done that.. sry

TiTnAsS 11:46, 29 October 2005 (CDT)

I changed some of the screenshots to use the ones I just took last night. They definitely look better, but I'm not entirely certain they match the text I tried to associate them with. Feel free to revert or anything you need to correct it, if you think it needs correcting. --Lucifer