From Armagetron

You want to get help?

Then let yourself be helped. You have been directed to this page because you've done either of the following while asking for help, probably several things:

  • You did not answer questions we asked you. We don't ask these questions without aim; we need the answers before we can even begin to handle your problem. The meaning of the questions may not be obvious to you, but it doesn't have to. Please make sure you answer all questions, not just the last one. Really. A post may contain several questions. All of them need to be answered.
  • You did not read the material you were pointed to. Most often, this would be the FAQ. Go read it now. Especially, read the introduction paragraph. If the answers there did not help you, point out specific reasons. Tell us which bit you did not understand, and where things blow up for you when you try them, all as precisely as you can manage.
  • You did not describe your problem fully. You did not tell us precisely enough what you are trying to achieve, what you have done so far, and where it failed. Please do so.

Don't be offended if you have been directed here. The person giving you this link, probably as the only thing in his post, does not hate you or think you are incompetent or stupid, a moron or a jackass. You just asked for help and did not give enough information so we can actually start helping you. Since we have to tell people so very often what they need to do the very least to enable us to help, this page was created. Anything the person directing you here would have written personally would have been a lot less polite.