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General Information

The 'Trench', created by Jericho, is a new take on the Fortress gamemode in an attempt to bring a new team oriented, strategic mode to Armagetron. It's important to note that while Trench incorporates key elements used in classic fortress, they are vastly different and the same strategies will likely be much less effective. The name Trench was chosen as somewhat of a private joke, as trenches are key strategic points in combat (for example, around a fortress). A new map has been implemented (see The Map section), as well as a unique scoring system that will be explained below.

The Map


The Trench map, courtesy of vov with a bit of tweaking by Jericho, is composed of 2 fortress zones, a spawn 'base' on each side of the map, and multiple death zones strategically laid out with a timer. At the start of the round each teams spawn inside their base facing an exit leading to their own fortress zone. Exactly 10 seconds after the start of the round, death zones spawn in key points blocking access to the spawn base. For the first 3 minutes of the round, respawns are activated, allowing teammates to be revived by touching your fortress zone. This will cause eliminated players to respawn inside their base, forcing them to camp until the 6 minute mark, when the death zones are deactivated.


Based on the scoring system used in Trench, it's clear that strategic holing is being greatly discouraged in this gamemode, as entering a hole created by ones own team causes you to lose 4 points. Below are the currently scoring values.


Additional Information

Trench is currently a work in progress, so this wiki and the gamemode itself is subject to change. Information here will be updated as needed, so check back if any updates are announced via Armagetron's forums. Thanks to Jericho and vov for their work on the server, and we hope you enjoy.