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There are a few awards that can be won in the Armagetron Fortress League. Here is the canonical list and a description. Rules on qualifying for the awards and how to win them are either here or on linked pages.

AFL Champions

This is the award given to the team that wins the tournament. It is indexed by season and year, such as Summer 2007 Champions, or Spring 2008 Champions. All a team has to do to win this award is not lose a single game during the playoffs.

Most Valuable Player

There are two versions of this award. There is a per-game version and a seasonal version.


The most valuable player for the game will be selected by the players who played the game. They will each vote on the participant they thought did the most to help their team win. Obviously he should be on the winning team, and the phrase "most valuable" assumes he helped the winning team. You can win the award by consistently working hard to help your team, or possibly by being the important catalyst that allowed your team to win at a critical moment (such as by holing the enemy's defense in the last round, winning the match and the game all at once).

Winning this award nominates you automatically for the seasonal MVP award.


The MVP for the season will be selected by voting by all participants during the regular season. This award does not include the playoffs! It is generally expected that this award will be given before the playoffs even begin. Participants will vote on the MVP for the season, but they can only vote for people who were nominated by winning the MVP award for a game. How the votes will be tallied has yet to be determined.