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The Armagetron Fortress League is organized and administered by a group of volunteers for your enjoyment. This page serves to both give credit to those people and give a way to contact them.

Contact Methods

The best way to contact us is by visiting the irc channel #afl on freenode.

If you don't have an irc client, you can just use this nice link provided by Durka (warning: requires Java):

Other than that, you may use the user pages here for the people listed, or PM them through the forums. You should generally find the person most apt for the problem. For example, if you think that a game you just played contained serious violations, you want a Judge.


Judges are the people who make mediation decisions. When a question of interpretation of the rules comes up, it's a Judge who answers. When a game requires review for any reason, a Judge is required to do that. Once a Judge gives an answer, if you disagree with that judge, you can appeal exactly one time. Judges that are with us from season to season also band together to make policy decisions and the like. Basically, if you imagine the organization as a hierarchical tree of authority, judges are the top. The organization isn't setup that way, however, so use the tree model only as an aid to finding the right person to talk to. You can't go wrong talking to a judge, he'll at least refer you to the right person.

Server Administrators

The following people administer the league's servers. Issues with specific servers should be brought to their attention. Administrators have three and only three responsibilities: make sure their server is running when a game is scheduled to play on it, make sure their server is using the approved league settings, and make sure there is someone available with the admin password during the game. The first is solved by running it 24/7 and has the added benefit of letting teams that claim it as home use it for practice. The second is solved by downloading and installing the league rule zip file. The third is best solved by giving both team captains the password, and optionally changing it after the game. Optionally, if giving team captains isn't an option, the server admin can show up and do it himself or have someone he trusts show up to do it, or find some other way to make it done (a really liberal poll setting will work too).

  • z-man
  • Lucifer
  • Rico
  • Manta
  • Durka


These people have helped organize the league. They are listed last, but not least, primarily to prevent you from having to scroll down a long list of people to find the person you need to contact for current questions and issues. Organizers may or may not stay with the league from season to season, and their primary purpose is to provide useful input to make sure we're thorough in setting up. Because of their work helping to setup, if you can't get the ear of one of the above listed persons, you might try one of these guys down here. They can at least help you get into contact with the right person for your problem, and in many cases they can help you resolve it.

  • Lucifer
  • kamp
  • DrJoeTron
  • ghableska
  • Luke-Jr
  • Vanhayes
  • wrtlprnft
  • Lackadaisical
  • madmax
  • Durka