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The deadline for registering teams for the short summer season in July, 2007, is June 5

All deadlines have passed. Many teams still haven't declared a home server. Without a home server, you'll be scheduled to play on servers you probably won't like! registration requirement. Please use the talk page for this page to declare your home servers, you are now racing to declare your home server before the games get scheduled. Games will not be rescheduled due to failure to declare your home server, so hurry it up before you get screwed on your server choices.

Team Registration

Please place your team name here with a link to your roster, and optionally a link to your own website.

Team name AFL Team Roster Home Server
Crazy Tronners AFL Roster Crazy Tronners Battle fortress
SP AFL Roster Z-Man's AFL Server
-¦×¦- AFL Roster Ladle Cafe
The Tards AFL Roster Z-Man's AFL Server
MATADO CORE AFL Roster Fallin' Angels AFL Server
Unnamed Team 2 AFL Roster None declared yet
Kill or Die AFL Roster Z-Man's AFL Server
Teams that wussed out:
°°ps AFL Roster Plato's
TuI AFL Roster Wild West =AFL Fortress=