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Here's an incomplete list of teams of tron in alphabetical order by the first letter or number character of the team name. It shows the teams' previous and current owners. Click on the name of the team so you can write/edit an article about it when you're registered here.

NEI = Not Enough Information

N/A = Not Applicable

? = Almost definite, but unsure

* = domain invalid

Members => Please fill out like this: Active members/Active members + inactive members/Active members + inactive members + ex-members; e.g. 10/30/50.

Teams List

Please Fill Out the Summary When You Make Changes So We Know Who Changes What
Team Tag Team Name Original/Current Leader Thriving Divisions Is It Still Alive? Website Years Active Ladles Played/Won Members
aw(?) Anarchic wanderers NEI Fortress Yes NEI
Hello Team ogopogo Fortress, sumo Yes 2013-present
HC Hot Chicks HC.AlmaECId All No 2011-Present - 1
-=}ID< Immortal Dynasty Dal, Coco Fortress No 2013 - present 1/0 6
jedirox(RX) jedi none, we were a democracy Fortress, Sumo, CTF Yes 2011
KoD Kill-or-die newbie/luzifer Fortress No 3/1
=') Notorious Emoiticons Spook,Rudy,Punish,Luffy,Titan,Olive,Arks Fort No 2010
NEI Open Team Mkay-1 Fortress No NEI
+ Plus none, we were a democracy Fortress, Sumo, CTF no 16/0
°°ps| °°ps team Hay-Lin, Rain Fortress Yes 2007-present 11/0 6
¦¤¤¦ ¦Silly» «Puddy¦ Thump, Sektor Fortress, Sumo, CTF No May 2011 - September 2011
SoD Society of Dawn Pinocchio CTF, Fortress Yes 2011-Present
<3 Supergays Cody Fortress sometimes NEI
º¦ Team Oracle No leaders Fortress, Sumo No 3/1
## ## Team Stairs NightMare, spiralstairs. Fort, Sumo Yes 2011 present
.uNk Team .uNknown Democracy Fortress, Sumo no 2009-Present 40/2
' ' ´ The Aliens direct democracy fortress;sumo no NEI
~ Zirka zaT CTF, FORT, SUMO, DF No 2010