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== [[GP-Clan server]] ==
== [[GP-Clan server]] ==
Low rubber, not infinite, rim makes speed.
Fun to test your LR skills.
== [[Ion]] ==
== [[Ion]] ==

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This is a list of current servers, in alphabetical order. To see a list of old servers that no longer exist but were interesting enough to write about, visit the page about Old Servers.

Flynn's Arcade - .:Avl:. Clan Server

Flynn's Arcade aims to be similar to the actual movie game grid, with emphasis on maneuvering skill, not just speed and rubber (although high speeds are quite possible). Settings include relatively low rubber, moderate speed and acceleration, infinite walls, and a turbo instead of brakes on one server, and good brakes just for fun on the other server. Brake server is usually used for clan training. Servers are run by .:Avl:.C10ud:. (formerly ianthetechie). Homepage is http://flynns.servegame.org/

~|DarkSyndicate|~ Arena

High rubber Settings

The right place to test your skills. Fast server with high rubber settings. The 100mbit connection did the rest to make the server that popular. Specifications:

  • server running armagetron
  • standard arena
  • walls last until you die
  • explosions on a wall make gaps to get through
  • no winzone activated
  • server admins are ~|DS|~segv

GP-Clan server

Low rubber, not infinite, rim makes speed. Fun to test your LR skills.


Ion is a test server hosted by zero. It allows players to test out new server settings and maps without having to use their own server. For more information, please contact User:zero.


This server has long walls and high speeds. Brake users need not apply. This server is a standard gladiatorial-style arena where you are expected to kill or be killed. Server settings change at the end of every month, but MBC is always winzone-friendly.

Norms Place

A classic style server with friendly people. This server combines the best aspects of classic and fast play minus any bugs or much hated lag. To be among the best here you need skill and a range of strategies; however all are welcome whatever your ability. For server stats, FAQ and links visit norm.ds-media.eu

Race Server

This is the first server of its kind, but the setup is simple: You all start at about the same position of a long narrow alley with many obstacles in it. Whoever arrives first at the other end and hits the winzone there gets declared the winner — if anyone makes it there, that is. Many different obstacles that are tricky to escape, small killzones, sticky rim walls, a passage where the alley gets even narrower or splits, killzone- only rounds, the ability to lay mines to get rid of your followers and the turbo make this server an experience you don't want to miss!


You drive on the server a genuine running — head at head — with a speed from 0 to > 700. Obstacles will try you there to stop. The level are labyrinth-well-behaved however without erring courses. One must also never the way seeks to separate to simply only loose-race. There are different types of level. Times an obstacle run, times goes it through narrow tunnels, times must you try between the barks to drive. Adrenalin impacts are guaranteed.

Race From Death Zone

Similar to any race server, get to the end first, and hit the win zone. Just here, if you slow down, or make a wrong turn, you smash into the death zone, that is quickly expanding behind you. With an arrange of different maps and brake to boost, it is a very fun server. To see server stats and maps, visit Race From Death Zone Website This server is run by Aang.


Small grid, low speed. It is also a standard gladiatorial-style arena. This server is run by Swampy.


This server offers shorter walls and moderately high wall acceleration. It is also a standard gladiatorial-style arena. This server is run by Swampy.

The Lobster Cage and The Lobster Tub

The Lobster Cage consists of a Medium/Small Grid, Endless Walls, Moderate Speeds, with Moderate Acceleration. Rubber Is slightly above average. The Lobster Tub is a combination of the server settings of In Limbo, Shrunkland, and The Lobster Cage to make one pretty swanky server. Both have a single use turbo instead of a brake. They also are the first official Armagetron servers to have their own Public Teamspeak Server.

These servers are ran by Dr Joe Tron(Lobster Cage/Tub) and Gomes(Teamspeak Server)

~"XzL.Clan Server

This server is similar to MicroBusCity. It has high speed, non-infinite walls, and the scoring is based upon core dumps making this server more challenging. This server also has a quickly expanding deathzone that loves to eat your lightcycle.

TGF Training Server

This server is made for people who want to train to become better. Here you will get lessons from some of the best players. Just visit the server, and look at the url and go to that forum. Then you will see where you can make requests for people to help you learn the game. This server is also fun for people who just want to play. Great settings, some say :)


Home to the best shrunk-map clan in armagetron, having won multiple awards for several stunning performances over the years. Clan leader, Legend "Thick Dick" Goldenburg, has pushed VPF to the forefront of amazingness. We proudly boast our all-white player lineup, consisting of Stalin "Where the Hair at" Schnitzcral, Jim Tomash, Evin Polack, Rick Poor, and Sean "Why's my Dick so Small?" Carlyle. Hide yo' kids nukkas 'cause VPF be indahouz.

~}xD{~ Clan Server

New and improved server. Nice brakes, high rubber, and Good speed. "An all around good server."