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Team shortcuts and their full names
Shortcut Team Name/Link
AW Anarchic wanderers
SP ~*SpeederS*~
FE Fortress Elite
WS Wraith Squadron
CT Crazy Tronners
  1. Anarchic wanderers
  2. ~*SpeederS*~
  3. Lords Of Destruction
  4. fortress elite
  5. Wraith Squadron
  6. Crazy Tronners
  7. ¡LØL!

Free Players: The pool

Because I can't post on some forums, and I can't be bothered registering everywhere... I would like to say: Today is the big day! Hope you can all make it on time! Make sure you have a team captain and check out the most recent alteration to time-schedules etc at the Challenge Room! We need a bit of luck to get this working...