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About Me

Grid Name: Soul

Location: United States

Started Playing Armagetron In: 2007

Game Divisions: Fortress, Sumo, Dogfight

Clan History

  • Grid Kings gK| (DDL)
  • Swift > (Fortress)
  • Crazy Tronners cT (Fortress)
  • Redemption /% (Fortress)

Ladle History

24 Ladles Participated in -- 7 Ladle Victories -- 13 Finals Appearances

Ladle Team Played For Lost In Teams Beat Lost To
Ladle 52 Swift Elite Eight Crazy Tronners A Team.uNk
Ladle 53 Swift Octa Finals None Speeders
Ladle 56 Crazy Tronners Beta Quarter Finals Pure Luck Revolver
Ladle 57 Crazy Tronners Alpha Elite Eight <P)hoenix Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats
Ladle 59 Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats Semi Finals Roadrunnerz, Speeders Rogue Tronners
Ladle 60 Redemption Quarter Finals Team.uNk Rogue Tronners
Ladle 61 Redemption Octa Finals None Speeders
Ladle 62 Redemption Octa Finals None Team.uNk
Ladle 63 Redemption Finals Crazy Tronners C, Revolver, Crazy Tronners A Rogue Tronners
Ladle 64 Redemption Finals Speeders, Meet Your Maker Rogue Tronners
Ladle 65 Redemption Won Immortal Dynasty, RoadRunnerZ, Revolver, Rogue Tronners None
Ladle 66 Redemption Won Crazy Tronners A, Team.uNk, Revolver None
Ladle 67 Redemption Quarter Finals None Rogue Tronners
Ladle 68 Redemption Quarter Finals Meet Your Maker Revolver
Ladle 69 Redemption Won Phoenix, Crazy Tronners A, Rogue Tronners, Team.uNk None
Ladle 70 Redemption Finals Wild West, Crazy Tronners A, Revolver Rogue Tronners
Ladle 71 Redemption Finals Wild West, Team.uNk Hello Team Crazy Tronners A
Ladle 72 Redemption Finals Immortal Dynasty, Rogue Tronners Crazy Tronners A
Ladle 73 Redemption Won Immortal Dynasty, Kill St., Crazy Tronners A None
Ladle 74 Redemption Won Brilliant Team, Phoenix, Crazy Tronners A None
Ladle 75 Redemption Finals Crazy Tronners B, Rogue Tronners Team.uNk
Ladle 76 Redemption Won Speed of Light, Redemption 2, Rogue Tronners, Team.uNk None
Ladle 77 Redemption Semi Finals Immortal Dynasty Kill St.
Ladle 78 Redemption Won Wild West, Team.uNk, Kill St., Crazy Tronners A None

Other Tournaments

  • Loose Dogfight Tournament 2 Winner
  • 1 vs. 1 Dogfight Moshpit Tournament Winner
  • Other DF and Medium Rubber Tournaments Winner