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Write a report on your games, exciting play, team-tactics... and also include any feedback on how to improve the tournament!

Feedback for the Ninth Ladle

As usual I played like a brushless broom-handle. Madmax played like a champion, often having to face 2 or three opponents at the end of the round... would like to see a recording of a couple of duels between him and psyko. First round was won by tm 100 to 98... sp won the second easily, and the last went for 100 to 04 i think... Thanks to all players who played for tronic monkeys.
A couple of suggestions -
1 although it was disappointing losing, i like the idea of playing again on the same night... can't the losers play, and continue with the same schedule... and there could be a parallel final -- best of the losers?
2 could we get the results sorted out faster...? with teamscores for each round? just to update the wiki if necessary for players out of the loop...?
3 are we ok with the long rounds? because defenders are becoming so good, it can go on for a while... perhaps we should adopt reducing zones such as with team sumo? but only for the non-final rounds...?
  • How would shrinking zones help anyone but the defender? You'd need zones that conquer themselves for that to work, but that would make it impossible for one player to attack the other if it's 1v1. —Wrtlprnft 15:27, 4 March 2007 (CST)
  • yes... perhaps the winzone is necessary for nonfinal rounds... in order for the timing to remain within the realms of feasibility --16:05, 4 March 2007 (CST)
  • MaZuffeR pointed out that we could also get rid of shrink. Although a while ago I wouln't agree with that, it seems a good possibility now --madmax 17:14, 4 March 2007 (CST)
  • Personally I prefer the long fights. Having a win zone is the same as granting an automatic win to the attacking team and encourages camping. However an expanding death-zone has been working great for a long time on CT's servers, The players still have to fight it out to the biter end with the player with the best skills being the winner, probably should still have a large LAST_DEATH setting though. --Manta
  • Problem: A growing deathzone tends to interrupt interesting fights, at least I had that experience a couple of times. It also tends to lead to pointless camping in different edges of the map to see who can survive the longest. A winzone just doesn't get used or if it does people get angry at the one who enters it for no real reason…—Wrtlprnft 01:52, 5 March 2007 (CST)
  • Crazy idea: Zones who move to the enemy when it's 1v1, could make for some interesting fights. More interesting than a closed def and someone either waiting for a gap or pushing it millimeter by millimeter. --Lackadaisical 06:06, 5 March 2007 (CST)
I wish to point out that during the semi final match between TuI and SS, after about 1 or 2 rounds practically the whole of SP's team joined and constantly asked quetions, bitched, and generally distracted everyone trying to play. Now, I wasnt playing, but I was sat in spec not saying anything. Everyone got very pissed off, and despte almost everyone asking SP to leave, they just sat there in Spec filling up the server and making comments from time to time. Now something similar happened to me in either ladle 7 or 8, when I (as def) was spammed with PM's from various SP members trying to distract me. Now what I'm getting to, is there a way of silencing say, all spectators with one command or automatically kicking people with a certain something in their name (such as a clan tag). Anyway rant over, hopefully youll be able to make something of this. Grats Winners. ~ Rico
I should point out that I just came in to say that winner gets to play SP and watch who's going to win and try to gain an advantage by seeing SS's stategy. But noo, only people to be disadvantaged was TuI starting to argue with me. For all the other SPs, sorry..Should've been able to see me in the server telling them to be quiet or talk over PM system. Not very smart to kick the leader who can actually control his team instead of losing the leadership lol. XTREEEEEMEEEE (lol) grats to SS, well deserved win..we had I think 2 very good matches, very good matches against TM too but I wish finals could've lived up more to the hype so to speak..or a different result :P lol BUt yeh, best team won, I'm lookin forward to the next ladle!
If Wild West isn't used as one of the servers in the next Ladle, then this whole concept isn't fair and then makes it meaningless for us to play. Have we ever played in an American server in any of the past 9 Ladles? No. This isn't fair to us and we're not enjoying this at all. Especially us on the West Coast.
Minor detail, but I can remember at least 1 game where I played on an American server, I think it was AW-B vs WPN in the third ladle.
the main problem of the chatting stuff was that tui immediately (as usually) started to get upset some sps joining the server, without even saying much (and kickin some of them --> psyko). although i agree that some sps were talking too much. my idea concerning that problem: maybe a spectator chat or sth like that could be introduced? ppl joining the server could ask in spec chat then what the standings are eg.
to the ladle itself: great matches, especially against tm. with those two awesome defenders (psyko & madmax) its really hard to end a round. this results in long hard rounds & high leveled matches. still i am against a win or deathzone: as the level is high (i like that), you'll need to play at 130% & the tourney gets thrilling.
concerning shrink: i dont think we need to get rid of it. it isnt very high (at least at cafe?) anyway?
congrats to team ss & well played to the rest of the participants, lets make the next ladle a even better one! :) (with hopefully sp winning it :) )
  • If you don't think shrink isn't very high, removing it won't be a problem for you ;). I think defending is too easy as it is now. There isn't many settings that can be changed to make the game more balanced without affecting other aspects of the game too much, but shrink is definitely one of them. --MaZuffeR 05:09, 5 March 2007 (CST)
  • I agree that it has become a very defensive game..I remember early on when you could go on streaks of just owning a defender lol :P Defense has gotten a lot better but there's only so much an offense can do you know. Maybe increase the zone size to be able to cover it barely by the full wall length. Then if you slip up just a little bit then you won't cover the whole zone. However now that I think about it, that would not be good for any defense other than "THE SQUARE" lol..because imagine skip's defense if the zone was bigger...he would only be able to get 75% around just cuz he does so many angles in it. Just an idea to throw out there
Again, my team (TM) lost in the first round. Have I ever been in a second round? Don't think so. But for the first time it was fun to play. We lost because the others (SP) were better -- a little better. But we didn't loose because we paniced or fu**ed it up. That I like. Madmax showed great fights as defender in match 2 and 3. But thanks to everyone in TM.
First of all grats to Team SS, nice matches and huge def :). Ah and TuI, our matches were very close, but anyways you won. The only problem i'm worrying about is, why we had a winzone in the first match, but neither in the 2nd nor in the 3rd (yes i know, Z-Man disabled it after the first, but some ppl voted for, some against and some just didnt read it). I was also wondering myself, why the Winzone always spawned by the blue team's def (my team was gold :P) and not in the middle of the Fortress map. GM & GZ, TheFreakZ

Previous Winners

The Eighth Tronic Ladle was won by TuI ~ Tronners Under the Influence on Sunday 4th February

The Seventh Tronic Ladle was won by Speeders on Sunday 7th January

The Sixth Tronic Ladle was won by Team somethingsomething

The Fifth Tronic Ladle was won by Tronic Monkeys in a closely fought final on 5th November 2006

The Fourth Tronic Ladle was won by proN00bz on 1st October 2006.

The First 4 Team Fortress Tournament (4TFT) was won by Crazy Tronners (CT) on Sunday, September 17th, 2006

The Third Tronic Ladle was won by Anarchic Wanderers on 3rd September 2006.

The First Tron World Cup took place in July and August 2006 and was won by the United Kingdom. Full scores of the matches are available on the Official TWC Site

The Second Tronic Ladle was won by Anarchic Wanderers on 29th August 2006.

The First Tronic Ladle was a fortress tournament with seven teams and was won by Shadow League on 1st July 2006.

The Tronic Spoon was a fortress tournament of 87 players arranged into 8 and was won by Team somethingsomething in March 2006. |}

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Previous Results

Eighth Ladle:

Semi Finals Final Winner
8:15 PM GMT 9:00 PM GMT
°°ps 1 ~*SP*~ 1 TuI
~*SP*~ 2
-¦x¦- 0 TuI 3
TuI 2

Seventh Ladle:

Semi Finals Final Winner
8:15 PM GMT 9:00 PM GMT
-¦x¦- 0 ~*SP*~ 3 ~*SP*~
~*SP*~ 2
Tronic Monkeys 0 TuI 1
TuI 2

Sixth Ladle:

Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final Winner
7:30 PM GMT 8:15 PM GMT 9:00 PM GMT
TuI 2 TuI 2 TuI 1 Team somethingsomething
°°ps 0
team 3 n/a SP 0
SP bye
Tronic Monkeys bye Tronic Monkeys 0 Team somethingsomething 3
team 6 n/a
Team somethingsomething bye Team somethingsomething 2
team 8 n/a

Fifth Ladle:

Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final Winner
7:30 PM GMT 8:15 PM GMT 9:00 PM GMT
team 1 N/A WS bye WS 2 team TM
team 2 N/A
team 3 N/A PKC n/s
team 4 N/A
team 5 N/A TM 2 TM 3
team 6 N/A
team 7 N/A TuI 1
team 8 N/A

Fourth Ladle:

Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final Winner
7:30 PM GMT 8:15 PM GMT 9:00 PM GMT
WPN 2 wpn 0 ho 0 proNoobz
tm 0
none N/A ho 2
ho bye
st 2 st 0 pN 2
ws 0
pN bye pN 2
TiP n/s

Third Ladle:

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