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Write a report on your games, exciting play, team-tactics... and also include any feedback on how to improve the tournament!

Feedback for the Tenth Ladle

TM got beaten soundly. SP were much better. Still, akira, g5, zman put up a good fight. There were a number of problems.
  • my team just didn't get organised before the game, and i had to recruit last minute... that's my fault...
  • at 7.30 I had five or six players, and sp kept on delaying for 25 mins... this just delays the entire thing... and they eventually played with 5 v our 4 later in the game when their players turned up... there is something dishonourable about this: play should start on time with whatever the numbers are...
  • people calling for server admin is tedious... we've talked about locking servers, taking them off the main server list... we have to make a decision
  • sometimes the final duel 1v1 can last forever... the skill level is so high... we may have to reduce rubber and increase acceleration accordingly... or do something with winzones or something... this might actually be a design fault with the settings as they are...
  • maybe it i got the wrong impression, but is the general tone of the game-chat juvenile? without some older players adding a little gravitas, it is not only the chat that lowers in tone, but i think the games-man-ship also suffers... i think there are players and teams taking advantage of the player-organisation style of the ladle... without a certain respect, self-discipline in the setting up of the match, certain underhand tactics may arise...
The semis and finals I saw had some incredible displays of individual skill... i hope players recommend good examples from either so i can locate them... i plan to produce a few vids :) Congratulations to the winners, TuI.
I showed up 5 minutes late and we hadn't started to play, that was surprising cuz it was 4v4 but then there were too many delays about not having an admin and people joining often. I had to in first round vs X :( cuz of personal issues. Congrats TuI clan

and also..u mentioned taping of the games..I was wondering if by any chance u taped SP v TM from ladle 9..there were 2 or 3 1v1s with me and max that were ridiculous

nope... when i playing, i can't record since on playback i can't manipulate the camera angle easily --2020 10:17, 3 April 2007 (CDT)
I was ready at 7:10 GMT, but only me and Bloodthirsty were there (about 5 or more Player should've been there).Anyways, we MUST have an admin on every Ladle Server, cause it's impossible to play, when every minute some noob is joining and we only can kick them by vote. I would prefer no death- or winzone, but maybe like on CT's server, to increase the Speed/accel, decrease Rubber.

Gratulations to TuI and X. Both x matches were really close.

Previous Winners

The Ninth Tronic Ladle was won by Team somethingsomething on Sunday 4th March

The Eighth Tronic Ladle was won by TuI ~ Tronners Under the Influence on Sunday 4th February

The Seventh Tronic Ladle was won by Speeders on Sunday 7th January

The Sixth Tronic Ladle was won by Team somethingsomething

The Fifth Tronic Ladle was won by Tronic Monkeys in a closely fought final on 5th November 2006

The Fourth Tronic Ladle was won by proN00bz on 1st October 2006.

The First 4 Team Fortress Tournament (4TFT) was won by Crazy Tronners (CT) on Sunday, September 17th, 2006

The Third Tronic Ladle was won by Anarchic Wanderers on 3rd September 2006.

The First Tron World Cup took place in July and August 2006 and was won by the United Kingdom. Full scores of the matches are available on the Official TWC Site

The Second Tronic Ladle was won by Anarchic Wanderers on 29th August 2006.

The First Tronic Ladle was a fortress tournament with seven teams and was won by Shadow League on 1st July 2006.

The Tronic Spoon was a fortress tournament of 87 players arranged into 8 and was won by Team somethingsomething in March 2006. |}

Previous Feedback

Ladle Info | About | Challenge Board | Tools | Operations | Results | Statistics | Voting | Bowl
The One hundred and fifty-second TRONIC Ladle will be played on Sunday, October 1st, 2023!
  • Discussion for Ladle 152 is taking place here.
  • Server administrators please update your config files.
  • Teams please sign up on the Challenge Board.
  • Then get some practice in before the big day! :)

Recordings of previous Ladles can be found here. They are usually made with the stable build at that time, using the default settings. If a recoding doesn't work, search the forums for the thread relating to that Ladle and read it for help.

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Ladle Results
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Express Results

Ladle No. Team who won Players
151 Parademption/% ampz, gazelle, wind, nanu, force, hall
150 Placeholder koala, ampz, apple, jericho, magi, nate, doov, sanity
149 Redemption/% ampz, wolf, dgm, gazelle, wind, sanity, magi
148 Cutting Chimps deso, Andrei, raph, olive, Coco, Nelg, vov(Ninja Potato)
147 Redemption/% ampz, wolf, dgm, kronk, gazelle, wind, fini
146 Paradigm Nanu, Jam, Force, Over, Hallu, jZ, Johnny
145 Redemption/% ampz, wolf, fini, nate, wind, gazelle
144 Redemption/% ampz, fini, nate, kronkleberry, ppotter, nanu, force
143 Redemption/% ampz, dgm, fini, wind, nate, kronkleberry, gazelle
142 Andrei's Angels deso, olive, Andrei, Magi, Stephen, raph, Coco
141 CloneForce99 ampz, wolf, fini, nate, kronkleberry, gazelle
140 ' deso, raph, ampz, wolf, nelg, kb, andrei
139 The Bad Batch ampz, wind, gazelle, fini, apple, nate, orly
138 Chimps Don't Cry deso, stephen, coco, magi, ampz, wolf, gazelle, nelg
137 Dump Truck Drivers wolf, ampz, dgm, fini, wind, ppotter
136 fuck putin olive, Deso, Stephen, xyron, magi, Coco
135 johnny gimp squad wolf, ampz, apple, wind, nate, Johnny
134 MYM jericho, dgm, ampz, wolf, wind, fini
133 MYM jericho, dgm, ampz, wolf, wind, fini
132 MYM jericho, appleseed, wolf, ampz, mr, wind, dgm, fini
131 MYM jericho, ampz, dgm, mr, wolf, fini, apple
130 Paradigm Over, Johnny, tx, Nanu, Hall, Jam, Ninja Potato
129 mYm jericho, ampz, apple, dgm, fini, ninja potato, wolf
128 MYM jericho, wolf, ampz, dgm, deso, olive, apple
127 we are going to lose ladle mr, apple, ampz, jericho, olive, wolf, omm
126 The Magicians DGM, Cap1, Fini, jericho, Wolf, KB, Apple
125 Twi×ted arrows raph, Olive, Andrei, Vov, Orion, Deso, Ampz
124 Dream Team raph, vov, Andrei, Durka, Ampz, Orly
123 gangsters Al Capone, DGM, smurf, wolf, ronkleberry, Jericho, Noodles
122 Twi×ted arrows raph, Deso, olive, Andrei, dewdrop, Ninja Potato, ampz
121 Twi×ted arrows raph, Deso, olive, Andrei, dewdrop, Durka, Ninja Potato
120 Korean Meta ahsoka, ampz, jericho, Nate, Ninja Potato, ppotter, mr
119 Twixted Arrows raph, Titanoboa, olive, Ninja Potato, Andrei, dewdrop, Deso
118 Twi×ted arrows raph, Titanoboa, Olive, Ninja Potato, Kronkleberry, Andrei, dewdrop, Deso
117 Twi×ted arrows raph, Titanoboa, Olive, Ninja Potato, Kronkleberry, Andrei, dewdrop, Deso
116 Twi×ted arrows raph, Titanoboa, Olive, Ninja Potato, Kronkleberry, Andrei, dewdrop
115 Twi×ted arrows raph, Titanoboa, Olive, Ninja Potato, Kronkleberry, Andrei, dewdrop
114 Twi×ted arrows raph, Titanoboa, Olive, Ninja Potato, Kronkleberry, Magi, Andrei
113 Numbers, 2.eckz, 3.liz, 4.gazelle, 5.appleseed, 6.algid, 7.Ampz
112 12345, 2.titan, 3.liz, 4.gaz,, 6.algid
111 Variations FoFo, jericho, Roter, Gazelle, 75
110 Rogue Tronners Poke, Force, Over, Nanu, DGM, Red, Olive, Shoebat, Flippmam, vov, Nate
109 x x
108 x x
107 Dire Wolves koala, mr, koala, Hoax, nara, KGS GCoban 3, JamezFlamez, Nate, Nanu, goy
106 WTF Nate, Andrei, vov, potter, Bytes, Over, DGM, Nanu
105 m&m koala, mister, appleseed, vein, algid, krikio, eber, Hoax, Jofish, ssumday
104 WTF Nate, Andrei, vov, DGM, Poke, karas, Overrated maybe, mr
103 Dirty Ducks Nate, Andrei, ampz, vov, puma, karas
102 Open Team Andrei, Nate, appleseed, Dawg, mr, vein, Fini, ssumday
101 Rogue Tronners Overrated, vov, Shoebat, Poke'Master, Red, Force, DGM, Nanu, Nate, Soul
100 m&m mister, appleseed, vein, koala, algid, eber, quantic, krikio, Hoax, Durka, ogo
99 m&m mister, appleseed, vein, koala, algid, eber, quantic, hoax, krikio, Dewdrop
98 m&m mister, appleseed, vein, koala, algid, eber, quantic, Delta, Oparachukwu, Wolf
97 Rouge Tronners Magi, Red, Shoebat, Poke'Master, Overrated, Force, DGM, Fipp, Nanu, vov, olive, Nate, Metal
96 m&m mister, appleseed, vein, koala, algid, Nagi, sine.wav, CxDy
95 m&m mister, appleseed, vein, titan, vov, koala, 3B, wolf
94 Rogue Tronners Magi, Red, Shoebat, Poke'Master, Overrated, Force, DGM, Fipp, Nanu, vov, olive, 3b, Nate
93 Rogue Tronners Magi, Red, Shoebat, Poke'Master, Overrated, Force, DGM, Fipp, Nanu, vov, olive
92 Rogue Tronners Red, Overrated, Shoebat, DGM, Nanu, vov, olive
91 RogueTronners Magi, Red, Poke'Master, Overrated, Force, DGM, Titanoboa, Nanu, vov, Olive
90 Redemption Soul, Gazelle, Andrei, ampz, blondie, dreadlord, potter
89 Redemption Soul, Gazelle, ampz, blondie, dreadlord, potter, wolf
88 Crazy Tronners Nub, Pike, Safariskater, Woned, Acid, MB53, Gonzap, Lightning, Jericho, Cookie
87 _~Rogue Tronners~_ Magi, Red, Poke'Master, Overrated, Force, DGM, Titanoboa, Fipp, Nanu, vov
86 _~Rogue Tronners~_ Magi, Red, Shoebat, Poke'Master, Force, DGM, Titanoboa, Fipp, Nanu, vov, Rudy
85 _~Rogue Tronners~_ Overrated, Magi, Shoebat, Red, Force, DGM, Fipp, Nanu, Rudy, Vov
84 eggs and ham ogo, wolf, orion, box, the greek, xyron, newbie
83 _~Rogue Tronners~_ Overrated, Magi, Poke'Master, Matoso, Red, Force, DGM, Titanoboa, Nanu, Rudy, Vov
82 a black cat mister, appleseed, blondiey, algid, insa, delic, Hoax
81 Sickest Kents of Newcastle Wap, Gonzap, Insa, Mister, Vein, Beer, Ogopogo, Red
80 Crazy Tronners Alpha J-Dawgg, Woned, Gonzap, Bier, Wap, Nub, Soska, Plee
79 Kill St blondie, vogue, 3B, delic, elmo, gazelle, mr, ogopogo, quantic, sinewav
78 Redemption/% Dreadlord, Vov, Durka, Illusion, Kult, larifari, Mister, Olive, Orion, Pathetique, Soul, Wolf
77 Kill St blondie, vogue, appleseed, 3B, delic, elmo, gazelle, quantic, sinewav
76 Redemption Soul, Dreadlord, Gazelle, Kult, Kronkleberry, vov, Wolf
75 Team UnK Wildcat, House, Fofolinho, Mlapa, Piter, fingerbob, Mrs, Hoax, Aiphaton
74 Redemption Soul, Dreadlord, Deso, Gazelle, Illusion, Kult, Kronkleberry, Roter, Vov, Wolf, Orion
73 Redemption Soul, dreadlord, Gazelle, Illusion, Kult, Roter, Vov, Wolf
72 Crazy Tronners Alpha J-Dawgg, Cronix, Emmy, Woned, Wap, Gonzap, Acid, Beer, Safari
71 Crazy Tronners Alpha J-Dawgg, pike, Woned, Gonzap, Wap, Beer, orly?, Acid, Vinny, Cookie, Over, Sunny, Fate
70 Rogue Tronners DGM, Poke' Master, Titanoboa, Monkey.D.Luffy, Animuson, Red, Overrated, Matoso, Nuby, Fipp
69 Redemption/% Dreadlord, Soul, Brok3n, Gazelle, Roter, Subfocus, Vov, Wolf
68 uNk.Team DrHouse, Vogue, Gazelle, Mister, Potter, Slash, Wildcat
67 RoadRunnerZ Zero, Vinny, Nub, Chop, Siege, Magi, Misny, Space
66 Redemption/% Soul, Vov, Appleseed, Brok3n, Dreadlord, Eckz, Koala, Subfocus
65 Redemption/% Soul, Vov, Appleseed, Dreadlord, Eckz, Koala, Roter, Subfocus, Brok3n
64 Rogue Tronners Poke' Master, Overrated, Shoebat, Tobe, Titanoboa, Monkey D. Luffy, Animuson, Lackadaisical, Red, Force, DGM
63 Rogue Tronners Poke' Master, Overrated, Tobe, Monkey D. Luffy, Animuson, Lackadaisical, Red, Force, DGM, Titanoboa
62 \\MeetYourMaker eckz, Vogue, appleseed, devicat, fippmam, gazelle, kite, mister, nuby, pyrrhic, rugkei, taz, vein, weed
61 Revolver dreadlord, free kill, Concord, Durka, freako, Hoax, Olive, Xyron, 1200
60 Rogue Tronners Poke' Master, Overrated, Shoebat, Tobe, Animuson, Lackadaisical, Red, DGM, Titanoboa
59 Speeders.NA insanity, Eckz, Mkay-1, Mister, Syre, teen, AI-Team, Oblivion
58 Speeders ogopogo, nubilous, fofo, syre, eckz, bbb, akizo, magic, insa, roger, mister, aiph, teen
57 Team Baylife insa, wap, vov, eckz, FoFo, slash, ppotter
56 Revolver Freako, Free Kill, Bellum, Concord, Dreadlord, Hoax, Olive, Xyron
55 Revolver Concord, Dreadlord, Bellum, Freako, Free Kill, Hoax, Olive, Xyron
54 \\MeetYourMaker eckz, liz, akira, arez, chah, devicat, dread, envy, kairo, nuby, rugkei, sine, spin, tish, weed
53 Crazy Tronners Alpha Woned, matchbox53, cronix, wap, gazelle, beer, gonzap, animal, safari, puuquie
52 Speeders insa, Mkay, Roger, Nubi, Psy, Teen, FoFo
51 \\MeetYourMaker eckz, akira, chah, devicat, dreadlord, envy, liz, kairo, pine, sine, spin, toy, weed
50 ~*SP*~ shows hoax&xyron naked teens FoFo, insa, Flex, Aiphaton, hoax, teen, xyron
49 \\MeetYourMaker eckz, akira, chah, devicat, dimebag, envy, kairo, liz, pond, sine, spin, toy, weed
48 uNk.Team Pr3, MaZuffeR, Slash, FoFo, Dreadlord, DrHouse, noob13, jip
47 Team.uNk tls, Wildcat, fingerbib, Potter, Luzifer, 0ma, NoobSaibot, bmg
46 Speeders FoFo, þsy, Titanoboa, slov, viper, algid, nubi, flex
45 Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats RudyCan'tFail, Hoax, Desolate, Durka, Speed, FroZen, Karma, Raph, Corn
44 Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats RudyCan'tFail, Hoax, Desolate, Durka, Speed, FroZen, Punk, Karma, Raph
43 Rogue Tronners Poke' Master, Olive, Shoebat, Titanoboa, Monkey.D.Luffy, Matoso, Lackadaisical, Slick, Zinger
42 Crazy Tronners Alpha Woned, K-yo, Xyron, Apparition, Dreadlord, Emmy, Wap, Beer, Gonzap, Puuquie, Safariskater
41 you in danger, girl godzilla, G5, eckz, teen, spin, cool name, oh, okay
40 Crazy Tronners Alpha Gonzap, Woned, Beer, Xyron, Emmy, Puuquie, Pike, Wap, Dread
39 Crazy Tronners Alpha Gonzap, Woned, B3eR, Xyron, Emmy, Pike, Puuquie, Voodoo
38 Rogue Tronners Titanoboa, Shoebat, Tobe, Poke' Master, Hiro, Monkey.D.Luffy, Matoso, Bubble, Olive, Concord, Noodz, animuson, Lackadaisical
37 Crazy Tronners Woned/Gonzap, emmy, pike, wap, dreadlord, xyron, puuquie, emphasis, beer
36 SPD Orion, Flex, Psyko, Viper, Insanity, FoFo, Roger_That, Judders, Nubilous
35 Team binary free kill, newbie, madmax, Lackadaisical, 1200, Luzifer
34 Jalapeños on sticks! olive, freako, mazuffer, free kill, lackadaisical, newbie
33 Vowel Appreciation Team oooooolive / freeeeee kill, titaaaaaanoboa, newbiiiiiie, mazuuuuuuffer, xyyyyyyron
32 Crazy Tronners Alpha Woned / Gonzap, B3er, Puuquie, K-Yo, Xyron, Emmy
31 Speeders 1 Flex, FoFo, Insanity, PsYkO, Viper, Delta
30 Speeders Flex, PsYkO, FoFo, Viper, Delta, Insanity, Vogue
29 Speeders 1 Flex, PsYkO, FoFo, Viper, Insanity, Delta
28 Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats Hoax, Durka, $ubzero, Corn, Goodygumdrops, Liza, PlayerNuby, RoterBaron, Sagelord
27 Arrow Clan hoop, freako, olive, hamar, psy, a, viper, xyron, dubstep, slashy, fofo, boo, arks, sixzero
26 ~*SpeederS*~ Flex, psyko, oblivion, demon, sasha, akira, delta, magic
25 Crazy Tronners owned, emphasis, safa, Sebol, tadd, K-Yo, kyle, beer, emmy, weed, Ady-Lucifer
24 Arrow-Clan freako, hoop, arks, newbie, viper, Xyron, Judders, Boo, Olive, a, Hamar, Schwuli, SixZero, Gaspard, Psy, ToTm
23 Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats ¹ CuRbSidE, Durka, Goodygumdrops, Hoax, Liza, SageLord, $ubzero
22 Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats CuRbSidE, Durka, Goodygumdrops, Hoax, SageLord, $ubzero, Corn, Dimbiman, DreadLord, JJBean, PlayerNuby, stax, WildCat, Terminator
21 Arrow Clan hoop, freako, Majom(xyron), olive, Totm, Newbie, Hamar, a, Arks
20 Crazy Tronners Woned, Sebol, Safariskater, Puuquie, Emmy, Emphasis, Speed, Gonzap, Tadd, Voodoo, Ed, Sol, PTA
19 Kill or Die Akira, Flex, Lizmatic, Luzifer, Mazuffer, Pavelo, Vipers, free kill, Your_mom
18 Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society Flex, MaZuffeR, Luzifer, madmax, Lackadaisical, Pavelo, Your_mom, dlh(free kill), akira_arma
17 Twisted Rats Corn, CuRbSidE, Durka, Goodygumdrops, Illusion, JJBean, man2d, SageLord, Weed, whatup, xfroggy, Valium
16 Crazy Tronners Woned, Emmy, Eddie, Sebol, K-Yo, Emphasis, Safariskater, Punk, Ady-Lucifer
15 -¦x¦- infamous, subzero, epsy, hoax, sticky, flex
14 Twisted Killer Rats Lackadaisical, Curbside, Dookatee, Durka, Goodygumdrops, Hoop, Knus(freako), Luzifer, Madmax, Pavelo, Sagelord
13 -¦x¦- Aeon, Cid, Earplugs, Epsy, Flex, Fofo, Hoax, Infamous, Legit, Sticky, Subzero, ZZ 109
12 -¦x¦- Rico, Flex, Legit, FoFo, $ubz, Hoax, Lazer
11 Fogies with Wheelchairs Lackadaisical, madmax, MaZuffeR, eggcozy, newbie, pavelo, PsYkO, wHaTuP
10 Tronners Under the Influence Crack, ~ X ~, ketamine(Goodygumdrops), >SmAcK<
9 Team somethingsomething newbÍe, Pez, MaZuffeR, pavelo, Lackadaisical, nemostultae(free kill)
8 Tronners Under the Influence Crack, Shrooms, Lacrymosa(Luzifer), X, ketamine(Goodygumdrops), GHß(JJBean), SmAcK, f, purple kush, os, djt
7 ~*SpeederS*~ PsYkO, Oblivion, freak, viper, omega, demon, cyclo, sasha, k3nNy
6 Team somethingsomething MaZuffeR, pavelo, Pez, eggcozy, newbie, Infamous, nemostultae(free kill)
5 Tronic Monkeys one, rain, legit, joda, zop, redice, wrtlprnft, omega, k3nny, sasha
4 proN00bz newbÎe, Slash, Luzifer, ~*LoD*~SlaYer, ct_SeBoL158, LoD_Ady-Lucifer
3 Anarchic Wanderers B Vanhayes, Lack, MaZuffeR, Sticky, 2020, wrtlprnft, ghableska, Lackadaisical
2 Anarchic Wanderers Vanhayes, Hay-lin, 2020, rain, Meriton
1 Shadow League newbie (Road66), Sky, Ossi, Man2d, Meriton, Badzilla, Mayday, Sasha, Choco

Recent Results

Ladle 151

  Round Robin Match 1
(18:00 GMT)
Round Robin Match 2
(18:30 GMT)
Round Robin Match 3
(19:00 GMT)
(19:30 GMT)
  Deso's NY  salt 2 Deli's EU  Alley Cats Agility's NY  Alley Cats 1
 Not oops 0  Not oops  salt 2
  Deso's NY  Parademption/% 2
  Deli's EU  salt 0
  Agility's NY  Parademption/% 2 Deso's NY  Parademption/% 2 Deli's EU  Parademption/%
 Alley Cats 0  salt 0  Not oops

Ladle 150

  Round 1
(18:00 GMT)
Round 2
(18:30 GMT)
Round 3
(19:00 GMT)
Round 4
(19:30 GMT)
Round 5
(20:00 GMT)
(20:30 GMT)
  Deli's DC  `_NotWw_Alley Cats 140 Deso's NY  Paradigm 150 Deso's NY  Placeholder 148 Deso's NY  `_NotWw_Alley Cats 150 Deso's NY  Placeholder 150
 Paradigm 150  OpenTeen 100  Paradigm 150  OpenTeen 50  `_NotWw_Alley Cats 120
  Z-Man's GER  OpenTeen 36 Z-Man's GER  Commensal flora 150 Deli's DC  OpenTeen 36 Deli's DC  Commensal flora 146 Z-Man's GER  Paradigm 150 Z-Man's GER  Placeholder 2
 Placeholder 150  `_NotWw_Alley Cats 126  Commensal flora 150  Placeholder 150  Commensal flora 104 Deso's NY  Paradigm 1
 Commensal flora  Placeholder  `_NotWw_Alley Cats  Paradigm  OpenTeen
 ~*bye*~  ~*bye*~  ~*bye*~  ~*bye*~  ~*bye*~