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Here's an uncompleted list of clans of tron in alphabetical order of the first letter or number character of the clan's tag. It shows their previous and current owners. Click on the name of the clan so you can write/edit an article about it when you're registered here.

Keep the alphabetical order or your clan will be removed.

NEI = Not Enough Information

N/A = Not Applicable

? = Almost definite, but unsure

* = domain invalid

Clans List

Please Fill Out the Summary When You Make Changes So We Know Who Changes What
Clan Tag Clan Name Original/Current Leader Thriving Divisions Is It Still Alive? Website Years Active
Arrow-Clan freako, olive Fortress, Sumo Yes *2008 (?)
.Bit .Bit Clan Ender Racing Yes
CT Crazy Tronners Xevi, Sol, K-Yo Fortress / CTF (starting) Yes ct clan
D3m| Dark Evil Minds Pain CTFS Yes
.dBd| Death By Distraction NEI DF, Sumo, HR, CTF(S) Yes
° degree olive Fortress, Sumo Yes
DoS NEI NEI Fortress Yes NEI
~|DS|~ DarkSyndicate CruZ, Zion Fortress, High Rubber Yes
<DtT> Death to Tronners Own CTF, DF Yes 2009
e Equinox Fizz (Huy) DF Yes
F! Fight Clan Thump, zaT Sumo, HR Yes
|FA| Fallen Angels DragonHeart NEI Yes
-=}ID< Immortal Dynasty Killer, ARilou, Sin CTF, Sumo, Fortress Yes
-=L$) Last $urvivors Rip/Revenge (JSM) CTFS Yes
mW Most Wanted Amazing Low & Medium Rubber Deathmatch Clan Yes Feb. 2009 - present
~'Ns. Never Surrender Ratchet, Paralyzed CTFS, Sumo, Racing Yes *
_`nyx. nyx`Clan ~z~ CTF, Dogfight, Sumo Yes
OpTiC Optic. preDaToR Nano,DF, CTF Yes *2010
`|pNd+ Pandemic Arkangel, OppOse, Karma Sumo, Dogfight Yes *9.11.2009 - present
.pRu PLZ RES US! Word , AI , Eggman CTF, Sumo, Dog Fight, Fortress Yes *6.12.2008 - present
_~R~_ Rogue Tronners Hyp3, Noodles/Shoebat CTF Yes (unofficial)
r3p. T3h Republik Zoidberg (Citizen), Elryn, Noob_saibot CTFS, Sumo, HR Yes
¤SK¦ Sniperz Klan Assimilater CTFS, Fortress Shootout Yes
~*SP*~ ~*SpeederS*~ Bloodthirsty High Rubber, T.B.D Yes
.:Tk_ Team Killers Topeka CTF Yes
.x] TwiXted Xats N/A Fortress, Sumo Yes
~'U. Untitled Clan Titanoboa CTF Yes
uNa United Noobs of Armagetron Nelhybel, Ossy, Willy Wonka Fortress, Sumo Yes *14.2.2010 - present
-=VcL. Velocity Clan Rajinn, TaZ, Airman. REMADE: TaZ Fortress, Sumo, Dogfight Yes *?-†2010
`:vZ. Volume Zero Fury, Budz, Nanu. REMADE: MadroX, Charizard HR, Medium Rubber No 2010
`Ww Wild West Destiny, Manta CTF, Sumo, Fortress, CTFS, DF, HR Yes
[ØØ] Ørder øf the Øni ØniTrøn NEI Yes N/A

Dead Clans

Clan Tag Clan Name Original/Current Leader Thriving Divisions Is It Still Alive? Website Years Active
N/A The Droids #M-311 CTF No N/A
>3D> 3D Clan Dyno Dogfight No NEI
ª `ACe D.J DF, Sumo Yes *2010
.:Avl:. Avl Clan C10ud Low Rubber, Medium Rubber No
BD Beautiful Diztruktion SlyFoxx, Bomb, WildCat, Tsugaru NEI No
Bloody_ Bloody Gun, Jin REMADE w/ Jin, I©e Fortress, Sumo, CTF, Low Rubber, Medium Rubber, High Rubber, Dog Fight, Snake Fight No
|BS| Broken Silence ChrisGW, Sunrise, Hype Fortress, Sumo No
¦ctk¦ NEI Chiko CTF No NEI *2008-†2009
~{D}~ Dispatch Baker CTF No (unofficial) *?-†2009
dB| Diztruktive Beauty Tsugaru NEI No *
|DD| Delicious Deserts Darkchaos Racing No * *?-†2009
Devils Last Descendants +DLD.DaRk, +DLD.Envy, +DLD.3ck0 HR, Dogfight, Loose Yes 2009 - present
dZ< Death Zone NEI CTF No
.EC|D Eclipse'd Black Tear NEI No *
.fam<3 Family Clan uZi, Synergy Dog Fight, High Rubber, Low Rubber, Sumo, CTF, Fortress, No
F²· Fatal Force Soapy DF, Sumo No 2009
|FW~ Forgotten Warriors Huy HR, DF, CTFS, CTF, Sumo No
gK Grid Kings Prowler Sumo No
gZ| green Zone greenmonster HR, DF No NIE
'^iP| Inevitable Prodigies Acid Dog Fight, High Rubber, Low Rubber, Sumo, CTF, Fortress No
|kod| Kill-or-die newbie, luzifer Fortress No NEI
MBC| Micro Bus City Amboosh, Ender High Rubber No *
|NIC Not In A Clan Damein CTFS No NEI
[NNJG] NoNerdsJustGeeks [NNJG]Ben CTF,Wild Fortress, Sumo, Racing No
~NW Night Walkers clan Zurd/Elder CTF, CTFS, High Rubber, Low Rubber, Medium Rubber, Dogfight, Racing, fortress No * *?-†2009
°°ps| °°ps team/clan Hay-Lin, Rain Fortress No *
|PwN| Power Within Noobs Shade1 CTFS No
-=P³ Peak Performance Project Supra, HSP Dogfight, Sumo No *
~qp~ Quantum Performance Acid, Matt NEI No *?-†2009
{Super} Super Clan Duck! Fortress, CTF, Medium Rubber No NEI
N/A The Bobins (not a real clan, it's a group) Green Bobin N/A No N/A
Tr. Twisted Rats Goodygumdrops, SageLord, x, Durka Fortress, Sumo, CTF No * *?-†2009
TrT~ TrEnT Clan GoKu, Koke Sumo or T.B.D No
¦×¦ Xclan N/A Fortress, Sumo No *?-†2009
~XY~ Xy Clan Tajik, Tosk NEI No
~".XzL ~"Xzl.Accel Destructo, FroZen High Rubber No