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The One hundred and fifty-ninth TRONIC Ladle will be played on Sunday, June 2nd, 2024!
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  • Then get some practice in before the big day! :)

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Previous Results and Feedback

The Seventeenth Tronic Ladle was won by Twisted Rats on Sunday, 7 December 2008

Forum Thread Blog

Great ladle overall, i think its a record number of teams although i could be wrong. We definately need to stop using servers with Max_clients 16 because theres no room for subs, admins or the like. As normal there were laggy servers everywhere. I'd propose rather then using a random method to pick servers have the servers on the challange board before teams sign up and first come first serve to which servers people want. If two teams dont have opponants we use common sense and pair them together based on what the majority wants.-Corn 17:58, 8 December 2008 (PST)

The closest final I've ever seen. 3-2 With us losing 100-96 in the last match. Great matches to everybody, it was a great ladle.

The Sixteenth Tronic Ladle was won by Crazy Tronners on Sunday, 12 October 2008

apparition says, "Great job Crazy Tronners! However, next time only team captains should have the server's admin pass. In my opinion during our first match CT's admins abused admin powers specifically by causing problems through silencing. Safariskater silenced xfroggy, which caused him to leave. And even though he was yelled at and they threatened to kick him out of the match or something, this still lead us to lose one of our best players." --Apparition 11:00, 13 October 2008 (PDT)

Concord ~ Twas a kick-ass ladle. What a revival.

Finals recording CT 3 - 2 ¦×¦ (zipped aarec, 9.5MB) --epsy 15:48, 12 October 2008 (PDT)

The Fifteenth Tronic Ladle was won by ¦×¦ on Sunday 13rd April 2008

final, DS vs X, 0:3

Z-Man 14:27, 13 April 2008 (PDT)

The Fourteenth Tronic Ladle was won by Twisted Killer Rats on Sunday 2rd March 2008

Results and recordings(with on Z-Man's Ladle:

oops vs. |x|: 0:2, quarter

TKR vs. CT: 2:0, semi

TKR vs |x|: 3-1, final

  • I'd like to say it wasn't very friendly of DS to not give password to their users, also i think it might be better if teams who own a server could start playing on THEIR server, instead of having 2 other teams on it without admin,
    except that it was mostly organized and we had fun matches :)
    GM's and gratz TKR --Epsy 14:48, 2 March 2008 (PST)

--First of all, Congratulations to TKR and thanks for having nine players. Selfishly, your overbooking gave °°ps Lackadaisical, which was great. Thanks to Lackadaisical for helping out and to cyclo, who aided our three man team today as well. I had a fun time playing against x. It was chaotic to start as unclarity surrounded whether the first match counted or who was playing for whom and what not. No important complaints though. I had fun, congrats TKR. --Concord 2 March 2008

The Thirteenth Tronic Ladle was won by -¦x¦- on Sunday 3rd February 2008

Feedback & Results, Forum Thread

Results and recordings(with on Z-Man's Ladle, too scared/lazy to create a table:

oops vs. CT: 1:2, quarter2.aaarec

x vs. TKR: 2:1, semi1.aarec

x vs CT: 3:2, final2.aarec


The Twelfth Tronic Ladle was won by -¦x¦- on Sunday 3rd of June 2007

Feedback & Results, Forum Thread

even the feedback is a little messy too...
i didn't make it until it was too late... so i got locked out of the server that tm was playing... damn... still, recorded the final and will play around with it to produce a vid...
as for the last ladle, although it was messy, somehow players got it together to play some games... the messiest it has been for a while, but that was because a player mucked about with the brackets which i don't think has happened since one of the first ones when durka went a bit pro-active...
i'd like to set up a discussion thread on the forum, not so much for feedback, but for feedforward. I'd rather not repeat the kind of argument i had with players over a year ago when they said self-organising wouldn't work, that we can't trust players, etc. I think we have proven that the principle of self-organising does work, that we have to design tournaments that make use of virtual parameters and not import meat-side traditional organisations... I think rain best demonstrates the new paradigm with his incam tournament; since we can't enforce the incam cockpit, we rely on trust and honour... I hope we can participate in a discussion on what we can do, prioritise, and how best to improve us.
When it comes down to it, I applaud the players determination and trust. They said it couldn't happen, and we managed a year of tournaments. Well done all players!
  • G5, Your other player zop wasnt even there when it started, it was 7 vs 7 and ur player never showed til the 2nd match. Thats besides the point u lost even worse when u had 8 vs 7 advantage in the end.
  • Negative: This whole tournament stinks. The guidelines clearly state that a team is 8 members. If you dont have 8 it is your problem. TM was not able to play with 8 players because the X chickens had only 7 players. Come on, we played 5 vs 8 before. Boo on you, X! --G5
  • °°ps versus tui was nice. well, i really do not know how was the "talking behaviour" of tui, since i silenced them all at start (as i usually do in ladles), but the game was nice. they won 2-0, the first match was really close and well played by both teams, in second we lost our mojo and we lost quickly. surely °°ps needs to work on some things but im quite satisfied. i hope we could get the ladle one day. i have no complain. good games. :) rain

Rico ~ The organisation left a little to be desired I found, with posts on the forums and edits on the challenge board right up until the match. This led to confusion over who was playing when and where.

In our first match, we played against SP, which we agreed was to be a 7 vs 7. We won 2 quite close matches, both around 100-70, and advanced to the semis where we would play TM. We again won in 2 matches, playing well together as a unit and completely whitewashing the 2nd match around 100-20.

@ G5 : Your team leader agreed to a 7v7, so please dont complain at us...

The final was against TuI who had beaten oops 45 minutes previously. They had plenty of time to take breaks and practise, yet a couple still insisted on delaying cos they needed a piss. Which was a little irritating but none the less, we pulled off from around a 92-80 defecit to win 100-98. We then promtly won the 2nd match around 100-70, starting to work together better in attack to pick off the sweepers. Halfway through the 2nd match, one TuI-er had to leave because of lag issues and another left and never returned. We were then playing with an advantage, but during match 3 Lackadaisical helped out and brainherpes rejoined, so they clawed back from around 80-50 only to lose 100-96.

Great matches everyone, now bring on the AFL ;)

  • "Rico: The organisation left a little to be desired I found, with posts on the forums and edits on the challenge board right up until the match. This led to confusion over who was playing when and where." Organization was clear for everyone who joined #arma-ladle. I posted several times a detailed list of matches/time/place and edited as needed the challange board. unfortunately someone, psyko i think, at one point decided to edit the wiki without asking anybody. i had to re-edit it. next time be sure to have at least one representant player for each team in #arma-ladle channel. rain
  • Have to agree with rain here. I did say a number of times what was happening and it was quite clear to me what was going on(because i was on irc). - Sticky
  • PsYkO I don't know if anyone noticed, but I looked on the challenge board last night and I saw that the way that it was set up SP would go straight to the finals. I then contacted 2020 and told him what I was doing, he agreed, and then I clarified it on I'm sorry that others things got screwed up, it's kind of a double negative because if I had just went along with my business everyone would be complaining that SP was able to go straight to the finals.
  • No one can complain about that, it's not your fault all the other teams stupidly sign up on the same side of the table. --MaZuffeR 16:59, 3 June 2007 (PDT)
  • I'm 172 dollars on the way to that million for you MaZ hahaha --~*PsYkO*~
  • In my eyes it was completely a mess today. It started after i got up and sb told me tm would play together with sp, so we have 4 teams in total. (The day before i told everyone we only play the finals, which are at 9pm) But ok, as i knew we had additionally 2 players of tm (2020 & pez @ that time) i managed easily to inform 6-7spers we will play at 8.15. So i got offline doin some other stuff and planned to be online at 7.30. well ok i got home earlier (luckily) and the first thing i heard: we play the quaters against x! Well then the shit began, i knew we were at least 2 players short and that there is a high risk, that a few will come too late. So freaky and i started to inform our ppl as far as we could. The match against x then was most of the time 6 vs 7 (i got no clue who the 7nt player in alex eyes is, but that doesnt matter). Luckily some spers showed up on random, and a few didnt make it at 7.30, because they didnt knew it was earlier.. So what i am trying to say with this boring long story is that the challenge board rly should be locked totally, at least 4-5 hours before the ladle. Well in addition to that mess came that ladle cafe had no admin and the settings were terrible: winzone, 16 players max, no shuffling up (that was really terrible, its hard to switch pos. around with shuffling up, it just gets a mess then), autojoin of players who joined the server,... Well ok im looking forward to the AFL and the next ladle season & gz to x. - k3nNy
  • Agreed, every ladle it seems there are administration problems. I run SpeederS server right now, I would be glad to admin one of the servers for the next season if need be. - psicko
The only reason the 1st match against °°ps was so close was because I got holed 4 out of the 1st 7 rounds. They didn't hole the rest of the matches and only won one round afterwards.
Actually Rico, feather got disconnected in the 1st match when we were killing you guys. Then he tried to rejoin, but Z-Man wasn't even there. All the meanwhile, our shuffling positions got messed up. We lost 4 straight cheap rounds in a row and you guys barely won the first match despite a 7 vs 5 advantage.
The 2nd match was just as retarded, but again, it came down to the last round IIRC.
The 3rd match we had 7 vs 4. We lost the 1st 2 rounds but then came back to jump ahead. Lacks and Feather were finally able to play, but only for 2 rounds.
Again, despite a 3 man advantage, it came down to the final round.
Too many things to say about this ladle. Gratz |x|.

Durka in the last match i spectated because you were complaining too much.

According to Flex's pictures you were still playing. --- Durka
Legit I was afk the whole last match, be happy u got free points until i spectated.
This is the real G5. Very funny. Check wiki history. And to clear one point: Zop did not show because he could not enter the server. He could after I offered my slot and left the game. I talked to Zop on IRC during the game – ask him! (Otherwise I totally agree with "my" comment up there.)
  • I wonder what is the point of playing a fortress tournament like the ladle if you, durka, already know tui is the best clan. topics (complains) are always the same: holes, teams imbalance, server admin required, main organization. actually i can help with last point taking care of ladles main organization, if you like. as you know im admin of "test server" aka ladle café for the ladle, so if needed i'll admin it as i did yesterday. about holes and team imbalance i think we should decide some rules physics related. i mean you cannot forbid to hole since holes are in game physics or you cannot decide which is a "good" hole and which is a "bad" one. so, lets choose explosion_radius 1 or 0 and fix it as a standard of fortress and that is all. about imbalance we can decide ladle is a 8 players competition, in this way teams will play with players they have even if "unfair", or we can decide that teams have to be balanced, so smaller team has the number of players that other team has to use. first will cause unfair games (considering most teams are not well organized), second will cause some players to be not able to play or to have to switch while playing (= confusion). anyway, fixed those few rules, i don't think our "complaining" problem will be solved. i think there are some step in this game: [1] learn to play; [2] learn to lose; [3] learn to win; [4] learn to tie. and it seems someone lost the 2nd and most of us lost the 4th. this cause the 3rd step is not natural too. i mean that if you didn't learn to lose and to respect the winner, you'll never learn to win really. a winner is who temporary got to the objective, and this should be clear in its mind. so if you didn't leanr to lose, as a winner you will not respect back who respected you first (losers) and you will show just as a team/player with a good technique and no honour. obviously the tie is the final step. it means the point at players/teams understood the real aim of playing a tournament, have fun. rain
  • There's always been complaining, at least it's been decreased to two teams each ladle. I think it asserts itself from not being able to admit defeat imo. Also IMO, decreasing the hole radius so holes are smaller or no existent is as much as degrading fortress as changing the rubber to 7.
Gratz to X, 3-0 victory over TuI wd. Once again TuI loses and only has excuses to why they lost, I grew tired of this and left, hope i can join another team for AFL. @ Durka holes are part of the game get used to it, they have been there since the start, the settings for them should not be changed. Fort is just fine how it is right now
Looks like you werent the only person to quit TuI, JJ
SP is looking for one or two fortress members =X
I was talking about me, Psyko, and I doubt JJ is willing to return to SP at any time soon
Yeah I think 4 of us left TuI, me Luzi ossi and X. Each said nearly the same things about why they where quiting. As for joining sp i doubt they would take me, and anyway I'm going to be gone for the entire summer and most of september so there isn't any point in me looking for a team now. I'll just wait until i come back and see what's going on
I was running more along the lines of having a monopoly on the russians xD haha <3

The Eleventh Tronic Ladle was won by Fogies with Wheelchairs on Sunday 6th May

Feedback & Results, Forum Thread

First 2 rounds went well, ¦x¦ played quite well together as a team and we defeated TM in round 1, where 2020 had to go find some other players to help out at the last minute. That ended up 2-0, but then when it came to the second round we only had 6 players, and DS/oops had 8. 2020 and wrtlprnft helped us out, big thanks to them. We got through that, also 2-0.
We then had to wait about 6 hours for the final, due to the TuI vs Mr Men match being delayed. When the Mr Men all arrived, they had 7 players, so wrtlprnft left and 2020 continued to help us out. During all this time as the server wasnt locked, random people kept joining and screwing up the teams, meaning the final got delayed even moreso. We went down 1-0 in the first match which was really close, like 100-94. Similar story in match 2, however subz' ping started going crazy due to other downloads through his router - thats why he left, as theres no point playing when you cant do anything with 600 ping. Being one-man down, we then lost the 2nd match to a quite similar score.
It was here that some of things began to piss me off. As it was best of 5, there was one person playing as "Mr x", saying some things like, don't worry only one more match to go before we get out of here, in a really arrogant tone which pissed me off, as if to imply we wouldnt even stand a chance of winning one match (we didnt, but thats not the point). Then, considering who the players were (I found out after) I was even more shocked. Probably a team of the best euro players there is, and I was holed in practically every round. Now Ive got no problem with holing, but when its about 4 vs me and you just torpedo its fucking ridiculous. Considering the skill level of the players were against me they shouldnt have even needed to hole.
I dont feel like we were defeated in the final, more just holed the fuck out of to try get everything over as quickly as possible.
We started as team 7, and tui was team 8 so we expected to start playing in the quarterfinals like the challengeboard said, but for one reason or another Durka had decided to start in semi's, which made our team and a big part of tui show up 45 minutes too early. This led to a lot of irritation and confusion (like random people shouting 'this match it starts!' even though we already waited 30 minutes and we knew durka would show up in another 15). Ofcourse durka didn't officially know who we were but he could've posted something on the forums, it would've saved us alot of misery. I'm just glad our team showed enough patience, I can't image the hell that would've broken loose if we would've forced tui to play at the assigned time.
About Mr. x's comments: It's not something I would do, but it's 'just' trashtalk, during the heat of the battle people do it to stir the enemy up, get them out of focus. I guess you could say it's part of the game, plus you can always silence trashtalkers. That's what a big part of our team did. And I don't really see a big difference between what Mr. x said and what some people from |x| said to Omega when he showed up after the finals. Or maybe implying someone sucks is worse than just plainly saying it.
I'm not sure what to say about the whole holing thing that hasn't been said already, but even some of the 'best'players agree that there are defs that are pretty much impossible to break.
Well, it was a fun ladle. Got a headache for about the 4th straight ladle due to playing TuI (You should feel lucky that you played against us then TuI, Rico) TuI played remarkedly well, probably the best they have ever played imo while I think we were a bit too confident. 1st match was a blow out, 2nd match was like 90-82 or something in our favor and TuI came back to win it 104-100 . And then the 3rd match was like 100-80 I think. I was defense and let me tell you, even in an American server, and I am an American I felt slides nearly once going around the zone (and I go around fast) which would kill me everytime if I did not expect it. I got penetrated about 3 to 4 times because I froze up for a second which left a gap leading to a victory for them. Knowing this, I can't imagine what all the euro players had to deal with. orange, red, and gold were fantastic sweepers. I normally hate sweepers but they made my job easy ;). The finals were a bit lopsided. Just knowing a few we had a damn good team going from playing in crappy conditions to semi-crappy conditions which will make you play better. (If you run long enough with 10 pound weights on your ankles, when you take them off your legs will run faster)
Every ladle it seems there are complaints. Winzone this, holing that, trash talk blah. You don't have to see the winners as the best team, but you should see them as the team that played the best, this time. And then of course make it your duty to own them in the next ladle =D

Lack - I didnt see anything said to omega, who was it by? This was plainly because by the end of match 2 there were only about 5 people I hadnt silenced after getting pissed with Mr X and a number of others, including at least two members of my own team I think.
Grats anyway, hopefully next ladle all the server will be private so theres no problems with random people joining. Maybe we could also start up a discussion about some new settings to rework some of the parts of the game which make people unhappy/pissed off, etc etc etc.
Oh, and a big thanks to Legit and 2020 for helping us out this Ladle, and also to wrtlprnft who played for us vs oops + DS.

Dunno who it was by it was just shit talk against SP. I think everyone could care less including me but Lack is just saying that whatever X was saying was minor in comparison.
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that 2020 has always said, that if there are only 2 teams on one side of the bracket (in this case TuI and FWW), then the first round is skipped. His reasoning for this was so that the winning team didn't have to wait 45 minutes in between the semi's and finals. This would also allow the entire competition for that team (in this case FWW) to only last 1:30 straight minutes rather than play for 45, break for 45, play again for 45. So, I was just going on past experiences. Sorry for the confusion.
As for the matches, indeed, FWW got too cocky and we caught them by surprise the 2nd match. As usual, we (or I guess I) weren't prepared seeing as I got 1 round of warmup after rushing home. Then again, everyone was pissed off and wanted to start. Another problem I can see was the player limit. We were expecting FWW to show up with 5 players since they had only signed up with 5, but oh well. So, we ended up filling the server with 16 players. The big problem was, I was locked out and spammed my teammates aim/msn to tell them to get rid of one of our teammates so I could join. Then, we started playing and we had 8 players, but we did not know that Luzifer and Sky were locked out of the server. Then garisimo's connection dropped after the 3rd round or so. By that time, I'm guessing, Luzi and Sky had probably stopped trying to connect to the server. So, we ended up playing 7 on 8 vs FWW.
This doesn't happen in Cafe of Z-Man's server since they allow 32 clients, we got to fix that for Wild West.
Holes, heh, I've gotten holed everytime I've played the Ladle, so for FWW to hole me constantly over 3 matches wasn't surprising, but one thing really pissed me off. It was 4 on 2 (we had 2) and my defense was pretty big and my sweeper (don't remember who it was) was doing a great job. Then, I see their defense and sweeper attack. They grind eachother the length of the grid and torpedo into my defense. You can say that's good strategy, but, if a team has to torpedo me to win, it pretty much takes the fun out of it. Especially since this was near the beginning of the 3rd match. So instead of us getting a possible 10 points for winning the round, they get 10. Basically a 20 point swing. Then we /team messaged each other saying, "Hole them!" but then we all decided not to since we thought it showed poor sportsmanship.
All in all, it was fun playing against a team consisting of: Lackadaisical, madmax, MaZuffeR, eggcozy, newbÎe, pavelo, PsYkO, & wHaTuP.
Great competition and looking forward for a rematch.

It seemed to us that the ladle starts at 8:30 GMT and first bracket starts at 8:30 GMT, not 9:15. All of us seemed ready at around 8:45GMT but we were missing an admin. Correct me if I'm wrong but it was 8v8 throught he middle of round 2, and start of round 3 it was 8v8 again, I'm sure me and you should know this best because at the start of every round I'm circling and looking at how many from each team are alive. About you expecting 5 cuz only 5 were signed up. This is a bit sticky. See we did only have 5 signed up because it states that for a person to sign up they have to come to the challenge board and sign themselves up. This isn't strictly enforced but I can tell you that TuI also had 5 members, one hour later had like 10-12 members signed up =D lol. Holes are part of the game, I get holed by every single team in the ladle.
The Reservoir Dogs will maybe make a return sometime in the future, but not for a whiiillleee.
~ X ~
Haha, I just loved the laddle. Before it started, everyone was saying we going to be playing against some of the 'best' European players (FFW), so we should practice as much as we can. Ha, what a joke that was! Rather than showing experience and their skills,which I was so looking forward to, it ended up as an opposite. The first two matches were great, the opposite team was doing incredible job, before I guess we pissed them off and caught them by surprise by winning the 2nd match. After that the whole hell turned lose. There wasn't no more competition, there was only one way one and one way only, HOLING! It seemed that our defense started screaming "DEF DOWN" more often every single match till the end. There was no more challenge left in the game except figuring on how to prevent our self's from getting holed. After a few rounds in game, the team also decides, why try to break a defense if we could just torpedo (in the middle of the game). Now that was a main highlight I'm guessing. Kind of guessing they really NEEDED to win no matter what at that point. There was no skills involved afterwards, only non-stop irritating holing. Sure I guess people say holes are part of the game and you should hole, but most do show some kind of decency of actually trying to win. I never saw any challenge we were suppose to have fighting against some of the most experienced players on tron, or maybe I'm just wrong, being one of the best players you got to be best at holing the other team, who knows, but I'm finding out more and more things. Instead I did figured out one thing during this laddle, is the next time we fighting some of the so called overrated 'best' players of tron, is to be prepared for non stop holing.
Playing anonymous seems to lend itself more to all the name calling. In the final, I didn't even know who Mr. X and Mr. Blue was on my own team. Anonymity needs to be taken out of tourneys at some point in the distant future.
I'm sure everything has been said already in arguments about holing ... maybe the team who is being holed should just not die. I'm sure thats been said.
TUI is a good team, but their whole focus is on defense. There were times when they had 3 and we had 2, or just 2 on 2, and all they wanted to do was defend till we had one left. My connection was awful, the server was to put it nicely, not so great, and I was not in a position to do anything close to walls, but TUI insisted on playing turtle, putting me with my crappy connection up against two with American connections. They deserved every hole they received.
In the future, remind me not to play on a team with even one player who thinks double grinding is a good thing. There was one on our team who insisted on being 2 or 3 and insisted on DG.
Team Something Something is still the best team ever :-D
I've never won anything on this game where the opponent has admitted defeat =_= Ok TuI you are the best clan and best ladle team, you guys are teh pwn
~ X ~
Jeez, you the most irritating person I ever came across on Tron, are you trying or that's just your nature being an asshole?
Jeez, I'm sorry that you can't even say that a team of 8 of probably the best 10 fortress players isn't better than TuI. So you think I'm irritating huh? Now you know how most of the fortress player feels about TuI players. There are those that think I'm a great guy, those that think I'm a complete dick. The same goes for you or anyone else pretty much in the world.
Psyko I still think it's funny you and whatup ditched your 'elite' speeders clan to play with the foggies. But it's even funnier that your 'elite' speeders clan couldn't even beat half of the oops clan and the other half rubber players. WD on the win, also wd to sp for being so awsomely good.
Considering I organized our team and I told k3nny (our ladle organizer) well in advance that i was going to play for another team, I hardly call that ditching, but hey you can try and convince some of them that.. Yes SP lost, but so did you. Correct me if I'm wrong but in the same round? And before that losing a 2v1 by basically 100-0 if it wasn't for a suicide. Hardly in a position to run your mouth JJ.
Good games. Best ladle for me for a long time... Enjoyed the first game and thanks to rico of |x| i got to play in their team in the semi and final. Nice analysis rico, though i must admit, opponents chatting and bawking is expected in a high-testosterone environment; such chat comes with the game... and holing is allowed, we just didn't cover defence well... Rico: as a captain, you are superb, and it was a pleasure to work in a team, positive comments by flex, humour from subz...
lacka says it all...
psyko's right too: best team on the night, though i am waiting for a team to dominate who are full of average players but they play as a unit...
durka is right too too: normally we skip the quarters if the semi is empty... but this does need to be communicated between captains, players, etc... as for holing -- guys, it is part of the game, it is not a game fault... it might be a low-honour technique, but in game-ware, anything within the rules goes...
hehehe as for the rest of it, it is a competition, and none of us like to lose hehehe
egg "in the future, remind me not to play on a team with even one player who thinks double grinding is a good thing. There was one on our team who insisted on being 2 or 3 and insisted on DG."
Thats funny because I remember when I was first playing fortress, the worst abuse I ever received was from you. This was because I was not double grinding. I also dont get the obsession with name alliases either when we are all in a tournament. Rico pretty much summed it up. Credit to wrtl 2020 & legit for playing for us also.
Hoax, you are wrong. I don't know who you are thinking of, but I have never in my life told anyone they should double grind. I have always thought that it hurts the team more than it helps. Usually the only players I have "abused" are players who DG poorly with the result of killing me when I am center.
"Obsession" is a strong word regarding my thoughts on anonymity. Just an opinion. I like to know who individual players are on my team and the other team (more important for the team I am on). You don't see players in the World Cup or the World Series deciding they want to be called W30wN3DU. I guess it's probably something that can not be changed with 13 year olds and online play though.

The Tenth Tronic Ladle was won by TuI ~ Tronners Under the Influence on Sunday 1st April

Feedback & Results, Forum Thread

TM got beaten soundly. SP were much better. Still, akira, g5, zman put up a good fight. There were a number of problems.
  • my team just didn't get organised before the game, and i had to recruit last minute... that's my fault...
  • at 7.30 I had five or six players, and sp kept on delaying for 25 mins... this just delays the entire thing... and they eventually played with 5 v our 4 later in the game when their players turned up... there is something dishonourable about this: play should start on time with whatever the numbers are...
  • people calling for server admin is tedious... we've talked about locking servers, taking them off the main server list... we have to make a decision
  • sometimes the final duel 1v1 can last forever... the skill level is so high... we may have to reduce rubber and increase acceleration accordingly... or do something with winzones or something... this might actually be a design fault with the settings as they are...
  • maybe it i got the wrong impression, but is the general tone of the game-chat juvenile? without some older players adding a little gravitas, it is not only the chat that lowers in tone, but i think the games-man-ship also suffers... i think there are players and teams taking advantage of the player-organisation style of the ladle... without a certain respect, self-discipline in the setting up of the match, certain underhand tactics may arise...
The semis and finals I saw had some incredible displays of individual skill... i hope players recommend good examples from either so i can locate them... i plan to produce a few vids :) Congratulations to the winners, TuI.
I showed up 5 minutes late and we hadn't started to play, that was surprising cuz it was 4v4 but then there were too many delays about not having an admin and people joining often. I had to in first round vs X :( cuz of personal issues. Congrats TuI clan

and also..u mentioned taping of the games..I was wondering if by any chance u taped SP v TM from ladle 9..there were 2 or 3 1v1s with me and max that were ridiculous

nope... when i playing, i can't record since on playback i can't manipulate the camera angle easily --2020 10:17, 3 April 2007 (CDT)
I was ready at 7:10 GMT, but only me and Bloodthirsty were there (about 5 or more Player should've been there).Anyways, we MUST have an admin on every Ladle Server, cause it's impossible to play, when every minute some noob is joining and we only can kick them by vote. I would prefer no death- or winzone, but maybe like on CT's server, to increase the Speed/accel, decrease Rubber.

Gratulations to TuI and X. Both x matches were really close.

The Ninth Tronic Ladle was won by Team somethingsomething on Sunday 4th March

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The Eighth Tronic Ladle was won by TuI ~ Tronners Under the Influence on Sunday 4th February

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The Seventh Tronic Ladle was won by Speeders on Sunday 7th January

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The Sixth Tronic Ladle was won by Team somethingsomething

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The Fifth Tronic Ladle was won by Tronic Monkeys in a closely fought final on 5th November 2006

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The Fourth Tronic Ladle was won by proN00bz on 1st October 2006

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The Third Tronic Ladle was won by Anarchic Wanderers on 3rd September 2006

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The Second Tronic Ladle was won by Anarchic Wanderers on 29th August 2006

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The First Tronic Ladle was won by Shadow League on 1st July 2006

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