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(Active Clans)
(Active Clans)
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| [[Xenocide]] || Levi, Ritsuka || Fort, Sumo || Yes || http://xenocide.tk || 2.15.2012 - ||
| [[Xenocide]] || Levi, Ritsuka || Fort, Sumo || Yes || http://xenocide.tk || 2.15.2012 - ||
! pLx
| [[Pure Luck]] || Koala || Fortress & Sumo || Yes || http://plclan.freeforums.org || July 2011 - Present ||

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Here's an uncompleted list of clans of tron in alphabetical order of the first letter or number character of the clan's tag. It shows their previous and current owners. Click on the name of the clan so you can write/edit an article about it when you're registered here.

Keep them in alphabetical order or your clan will be removed. And please hit the preview button before you spam the wiki with 7 subsequent, almost identical versions.

NEI = Not Enough Information

N/A = Not Applicable

? = Almost definite, but unsure

* = domain invalid

Clans List

Active Clans

Please Fill Out the Summary When You Make Changes So We Know Who Changes What. Teams Are Covered By The Teams List

Clan Tag Clan Name Original/Current Leader Thriving Divisions Is It Still Alive? Website Years Active
.aP Alpha Project LOVER$BOY, Syn(Fear) Open Yes http://alphaproject.au.tc 2011-Present
≡¤≡ Tronners Clan Community All YES tronners 2011-Present
A04 Army Of 4 Vinny High rubber yes N/A 2011-Present
Apple Apple (Exclusive Clan) NEL, Proxy HR, loose Yea N/A (Private) ???? - Present
CT Crazy Tronners Xevi, Sol, K-Yo Fortress / Sumo Yes ct clan *Feb. 2005 - Present
.dBd| Death By Distraction NEI DF, Sumo, HR, CTF(S) Yes http://deathbydistraction.net/forums
DpG Disgruntled Programmers flea, prema, ubuntu Capture the Flag, Fort, Sumo Yes http://respwn.us
~>Dtn:. Destroy The Noobs `Fam, Reaper7 Df , Hr Ctf, Ctfs, Mr, Sumo , Tight Yes http://dtnclan.topicboard.net *2012 - Present
eR» Elite Reborn Code,D33P(Co~Leader) All Divisions Yes http://www.elitereborn.co.cc 2012-????
.EC|d Eclipse'd Rebel, Svartr High Rubber, Snakes, WildCat Yes http://eclipse-d.net 07.2011 - Present
|FA| Fallen Angels DragonHeart NEI Yes http://fallin-angels.org/
HC Hot Chicks d All Yes http://hchicks.webs.com/ 2011-
-=}ID< Immortal Dynasty Killer, ARilou, Sin / Tsugaru, Sin Any and All Styles Yes http://idclansite.info 2005 - present
ph| Pretty High Soakz, Rebel High Rubber, DF, Loose, Wildcat Yes http://prettyhigh.tk 2011- Presen
.pRu PLZ RES US! Word , AI , Eggman CTF, Sumo, Dog Fight, Fortress Time Out http://www.trongame.de/ *6.12.2008 - present
PN: Power of noobs Qume High Rubber , loose , df yeas ... 2011 - present
_~R~_ Rogue Tronners Shoebat CTF, Fort, Sumo Yes http://www.r.jumpingness.com 2008 - present
Rx. Insomnia Vibe, dukevin, Who Loose DF Yes http://insomniaclan.co.cc August 2010 - present
.rZ` RoadRunnerZ Zero Sumo,Fortress. Yes http://tronzero.com/ 2011-present
¤SK¦ Sniperz Klan §møk£¥ CTF(S), High Rubber/Shooting Yes sniperzklan.forumaster.net *2007-†2010/2012-present
~*SP*~ ~*SpeederS*~ Bloodthirsty / FoFo High Rubber, T.B.D Yes http://speeders.clannations.com/board/ *2004 - Present
TF Tron Federation Community High Rubber, CTF and HRS Yes tweb.smfnew.com 2010-Present
.x] Twi¦×¦ted ¦×¦ats Durka Fortress, Sumo Yes http://xats.ath.cx x|/Twisted Rats
~'U. Untitled Clan Windrider CTF Yes http://uclan.tk *Aug 2009 - Present
_eS Under_eS!:timated $ynergy, Life, Supra DF, Sumo Yes http://underestimated.freeforums.org/portal.php August 2010 - Present
uNa United Noobs of Armagetron Willy Wonka, Stripes, Loki Fortress, Sumo Yes http://unaclan.smfnew.com/ *14.2.2010 - Present
`:vZ. Volume Zero MadroX, RY{}N CTF, HR, DF, Sumo Yes http://volumezero.forumotion.com/ 2010
`Ww Wild West Destiny, Manta CTF, Sumo, Fortress, CTFS, DF, HR Yes http://lagtest.net 2008 - Present
-=VcL Velocity TaZ Fort, Sumo, Dogfight, CTF Yes http://www.thevclclan.tk 2011* - Present
x Xenocide Levi, Ritsuka Fort, Sumo Yes http://xenocide.tk 2.15.2012 -
pLx Pure Luck Koala Fortress & Sumo Yes http://plclan.freeforums.org July 2011 - Present

Dead Clans

Please Fill Out the Summary When You Make Changes So We Know Who Changes What. Teams Are Covered By The Teams List

Clan Tag Clan Name Original/Current Leader Thriving Divisions Is It Still Alive? Website Years Active
>3D> 3D Clan Dyno Dogfight No NEI
Arrow-Clan freako, olive Fortress, Sumo No http://arrowclan.freeforums.org *2008 (?)
ª `ACe D.J DF, Sumo No http://ace-clann.webs.com *2010
Aos NEI NEI CTF No http://aos.ath.cx
~\ÅúÇ/~ Auctorita ~\ÂVÂ/~, elliot DF, Sumo, HR No NA 2006-2007
.:Avl:. Avl Clan C10ud Low Rubber, Medium Rubber No http://flynnsarcade.net
BD Beautiful Diztruktion SlyFoxx, Bomb, WildCat, Tsugaru NEI No http://beautifuldiztruktion.createmybb.com/
.Bit .Bit Clan Ender Racing No http://bitclan.iforums.us/
Bloody_ Bloody Gun, Jin REMADE w/ Jin, I©e Fortress, Sumo, CTF, Low Rubber, Medium Rubber, High Rubber, Dog Fight, Snake Fight No http://www.bloody-clanpage.de.tl/
|BS| Broken Silence ChrisGW, Sunrise, Hype Fortress, Sumo No http://brokensilence.forums3.com
.:cD) Collateral Damage Yoda, Zinger, Overrated Fortress, Sumo, Dogfight No Collateral Damage
¦ctk¦ NEI Chiko CTF No NEI *2008-†2009
DT DreTron DreTron, IronNinja, Alma CTF, High Rubber, Sty, CTFS No NEI 2011
<DtT> Death to Tronners Own CTF, DF No http://www.deathtotronners.proboards.com 2009
dZ< Death Zone NEI CTF No http://deathzone.ipbfree.com
° degree olive Fortress, Sumo No http://degree.asdf.ch 2009
|DD| Delicious Deserts Darkchaos Racing No http://tron.art-pulse.net/ * *?-†2009
~{D}~ Dispatch Baker CTF No http://lagtest.net (unofficial) *?-†2009
DJ The DJ Clan DJ*UBITZO,DJ*MOOCH,DJ SMELLYGINGER,DJ JUSTIN Advanced Racing,WildCat,AfroThunder HighRubber with Shooting, Nano's Playground No http://www.thedjclan.webs.com Late 2010- Early 2011
~|DS|~ DarkSyndicate Cruz, Zion / Milan, Spuuk Fortress, High Rubber No http://ds.experimentalworks.net ??? - Oct 2011
~eyB Eternal YoungBloods ShankD, Zinger Dogfight CTF Fort Sumo No http://eybclan.enjin.com 2010-present
~iP' Everything Is Possible Sektor CTF,Sumo,Fortress,Dogfight No http://everythingispossibleclan.webs.com 2010 - present
.fam<3 Family Clan uZi, Synergy Dog Fight, High Rubber, Low Rubber, Sumo, CTF, Fortress, No http://familyclan.co.nr/
F²· Fatal Force Soapy DF, Sumo No http://f2clanpage.co.nr/ 2009
|FW~ Forgotten Warriors Huy HR, DF, CTFS, CTF, Sumo No http://www.clanfw.ipbfree.com
gK Grid Kings Prowler Sumo No http://www.durkadurkaland.com/gk/
gZ| green Zone greenmonster HR, DF No NIE
~H8D~ H.A.T.E.D. Durant, fman23, apa fort, sumo, CTF, Dogfight, High Rubber No http://h8dclan.co.cc/ 2011 - 2012
'^iP| Inevitable Prodigies Acid Dog Fight, High Rubber, Low Rubber, Sumo, CTF, Fortress No http://ipclan.co.cc/
icn icecreamninjas icn, GIRP high rubber, dogfight no http://icecreamninjas.webs.com/ 2011
iEs Immortal Essence kAo High Rubber, Racing, Fort No http://immortale.webs.com
|kod| Kill-or-die newbie, luzifer Fortress No NEI
`£. Lumencidium Lacuna, Tuuk Sumo, Fort, DF, CTF No http://lumencidium.tk April 2011 - Present
MBC| Micro Bus City Amboosh, Ender High Rubber No http://www.microbuscity.com/ *
// or mYm Meet Your Maker eckz, envy All No http://www.mymclan.com 01/10/2011 (Collective) - March 2012
.NbK. Natural Born Killers Beanertron, Ghostly High Rubber, Dog Fight, CTF, CTF Shooting, Sumo, Fortress No realmofwarriors.com 2008-2010
|NIC Not In A Clan Damein CTFS No NEI
[NNJG] NoNerdsJustGeeks [NNJG]Ben CTF,Wild Fortress, Sumo, Racing No http://nonerdsjustgeeks.com/
~NW Night Walkers clan Zurd/Elder CTF, CTFS, High Rubber, Low Rubber, Medium Rubber, Dogfight, Racing, fortress No http://nightwalkers.info * *2008-†2009
~'Ns. Never Surrender Ratchet, Paralyzed CTFS, Sumo, Racing No http://nsclan.darkbb.com *
_`nyx. nyx`Clan ~z~ CTF, Dogfight, Sumo No http://nyxclan.co.cc
`|pNd+ Pandemic Arkangel, Exologist, Ninja Sumo, Dogfight No http://pndclan.org/forum *9.11.2009 - Early 2010
°°ps| °°ps team/clan Hay-Lin, Rain Fortress No http://www.oops-clan.org * *2007-†2008
|PwN| Power Within Noobs Shade1 CTFS No http://aos.ath.cx 2007-†2008
OpTiC Optic. preDaToR Nano,DF, CTF No http://optic-crew.webs.com/ *2010
º¦ The Oracle BTD, Toxic Fortress, Sumo No http://oracle.co.cc
`|pNd+ (Resurrection) Pandemic Ritsuka, mAd Sumo, Dogfight No http://Pandemic.co.cc
PK Phantom Knights Lover$Boy, Fear CTF, High Rubber, (More to be Made) No http://phantomknights.forumotion.com 2011
-=P³ Peak Performance Project Supra, HSP Dogfight, Sumo No http://p3clan.ipbfree.com *
_Pwnage Pwnage llama, noob High Rubber No NEI
~qp~ Quantum Performance Acid, Matt NEI No http://qpclansite.18.forumer.com/index.php *?-†2009
{Super} Super Clan Duck! Fortress, CTF, Medium Rubber No NEI
N/A The Bobins (not a real clan, it's a group) Green Bobin N/A No N/A
Tr. Twisted Rats Goodygumdrops, SageLord, x, Durka Fortress, Sumo, CTF No http://twisted-rats.co.cc/forum/index.php * *2007-†2009
TrT~ TrEnT Clan GoKu, Koke Sumo or T.B.D No http://durkadurkaland.com/index.php?c=50
:Tu: Tronners Unlimited Elmo, Venom Fortress, Sumo Yes http://tuclan.forummotion.com/ June 2010 - May 20, 2011
-=VcL. Velocity Clan Rajinn, TaZ, Airman. REMADE: TaZ Fortress, Sumo, Dogfight No http://www.vclclan.co.cc *2007-†2010
XD or ӁÐ ﮀӁTЯɆM3≠ÐɆZTЯUKTIØNﮱ Z3RO,Fizz Fasttrack,Hr,Ctf,Fortress,Fort Dead... http://www.klanxd.webs.com 2011-2012
¦×¦ Xclan N/A Fortress, Sumo No http://xclan.armagetron.co.uk/ *?-†2009
~XY~ Xy Clan Tajik, Tosk NEI No http://ptclan.co.nr/
~".XzL ~"Xzl.Accel Destructo, FroZen High Rubber No http://xzlclan.com/the/website 2005
Za Zone Avengers Ztech, Mindmasked14 Fortress, CTF NEI http://zaclan.forummotions.com 2010
~>ZG: Zero Gravity ReVoLuTiOn, Dimension High Rubber, Loose, Medium Rubber, CTF, Sumo No zerogravity.freeforums.org